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  1. Default NRO CMS Pages Purpose: To provide merchants with the default HTML code and default settings for the CMS pages that come as defaults in Magento and the Celebrity theme.  TIP: Only fields that have values will be included in this document. Blank fields ... Read More
  2. Displaying the Thawte seal on your website Who is Thawte?Thawte is the name of the company that provides us with our SSL certificates. Your store's SSL certificate helps establish a layer of comfort and trust between your storefront and your customer. To learn more about SSL certificates... Read More
  3. Secure Pay Implementation Overview: Here you will be shown what you will need to sign up for SecurePay in NRO.   Some credit card processors require links to your store's privacy policy be displayed prominently throughout the storefront. This KB article deta... Read More
  4. Extra Requirements for Credit Card Processing Accounts Summary: Some Credit Card Processors require certain kinds of information be prominently displayed throughout your site. This KB article will explain what some of those requirements are and suggestions about how they can be implemented. So... Read More