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  1. Adding a Gift Wrapping Widget or Any Other Widget On Your Checkout Page Purpose: This article details how merchants can offer gift wrapping to their customers.   Solution: While this is not directly supported by NRO, there is a workaround. First you will create non-inventory items for each type of gift... Read More
  2. Adding a Banner, Link, or Text as a CMS Block to individual sections of your site Purpose:   Add CMS Widget Components to you web store.   Solution: Select CMS (horizontal top menu) / Widgets. Select Add New Widget Instance. Choose CMS Static Block.  Choose the theme de... Read More
  3. How is my monthly invoice calculated? Monthly fees are calculated using three variables. The first part of the billing is the minimum monthly hosting fee. These are selected here, during registration: This fee is invoiced mon... Read More
  4. Working with the Celebrity Theme   Overview A theme defines the overall look and feel of your NCR Retail Online (NRO) website. Themes control all visual aspects of your website, including CSS and template-level images, as well as many functional aspects of your website, includ... Read More
  5. Shipping Options in NRO   NRO Shipping Setup Flat Rate versus Table Rates versus Matrix Rates versus Third Party Rates Shipping Methods Configuring Flat Rate Shipping Configuring Matrix Rates Configuring Table Rates Free Shipping Viewing the Shi... Read More
  6. Publishing Tracking Numbers from Counterpoint and Sending Emails to Customers Summary: To explain how to enter package tracking numbers into Ecommerce orders in Counterpoint, publish those tracking numbers to NCR Retail Online (NRO), and send an order status email to customers. Enter Tracking Numbers in Counterpoint... Read More
  7. Add Tracking Information to a Shipped Order Purpose:  Tracking numbers can be entered either in Counterpoint and then published to NRO, or manually through the NRO Admin Panel.   Solution: NRO Admin Panel: Select Sales (horizontal top menu) / Shipments. Sel... Read More