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  1. Customizing Search Keywords This article will explain how you can to add search keywords without altering item descriptions. Searching has become the predominant method for users to find products on websites. While navigation tools and site architecture are almost equal... Read More
  2. Meta Tags and How to Add Them Summary: To help describe Meta data, how it is used, where it used, and why you should use it. Solution: What is a Meta tag? A Meta tag is a container to store descriptions about what a web page contains. From a search engin... Read More
  3. Creating an Ecommerce Category Structure OVERVIEW To show you how to setup successful ecommerce categories for NRO. We recommend that you start with a small group of your bestā€selling items, and then continue to add more items later. The sooner your store is up and running, the sooner ... Read More
  4. Setting up Ecommerce Items Overview To help you start planning and setting up your store for Ecommerce by flagging items as Ecommerce, writing descriptions (product names) and HTML descriptions, and item images. Table of Contents Planning Your Items Selecting the Items ... Read More
  5. Bulk Updating Item Notes, in NCR Counterpoint Importing Item Notes in Counterpoint SQL Through Professional Services, it’s possible to upload additional item information from Counterpoint, such as Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Google Product Category, and a host of other attributes. Som... Read More
  6. Ecommerce Tips & Techniques Overview As the ecommerce industry has grown, so have the techniques used by successful online stores to attract potential shoppers and convert them to buyers. NCR Retail Online (NRO) makes it easy for you to create a highly successful online bu... Read More
  7. Advanced Search Options for NRO Summary: This article will provide some suggestions for improving search results returned to customers in your NRO storefront. Solution: It's important to understand that ecommerce solutions at the same price point as NRO do not... Read More