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  1. Troubleshooting: My shoppers can’t add any items to their cart. Purpose:   This article will help troubleshoot why a shopper might experience an empty cart.   Solution:   Check these steps to determine why a shopper's cart may be empty. How long has the shopper had the item in the... Read More
  2. Which ports must remain open for the Integration Agent, NCR Secure Pay and ADT to function? The Integration Agent provides item, customer and order information to NCR Retail Online. It also transfers orders from NCR Retail Online to NCR Counterpoint's CPOnline directory.  NCR Secure Pay is the payment gateway for ecommerce transac... Read More
  3. Orders missing in Counterpoint Summary: When I go to process orders in Counterpoint, I have orders missing. Solution: When a merchant needs to troubleshoot missing orders, we first must determine the reason the orders are missing.  Typically, orders are missi... Read More