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  1. Directing Alternate Domain Names to NRO Purpose: This article explains how to point alternate domains to your NRO store.   Solution: In order to have alternate domains resolve to a specific product or category page, you need to set up the A-record within the alternate domains t... Read More
  2. Can I redirect a URL to my site or redirect my domain somewhere else? Summary: I have another domain that I want to point to my eCommerce store.  Is this possible? Solution: Yes, it is possible to redirect a domain to your eCommerce store.  The company that hosts the domain can do a redirect... Read More
  3. Purchasing or Renewing Your SSL Certificate What is an SSL certificate? Merchants who wish to use their own domain, as opposed to an NCR formatted domain, must authorize the purchase of an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate will be purchased and installed by NCR Retail Hosted Apps Suppport. ... Read More
  4. Merchant Credit Card Fraud Article: 31 Ways to Minimize Credit Card Fraud Merchant Credit Card Fraud Article: 31 Ways to Minimize Credit Card Fraud MERCHANT CREDIT CARD FRAUD 31 Ways to Minimize Credit Card Fraud Source: INTRODUCTION: This article suggests preventativ... Read More
  5. Setting Up Your Store Hierarchy If you have planned your store hierarchy and set up the appropriate root categories, you are ready to set up your store hierarchy.    Purpose: To explain how to set up your store hierarchy.   Solution: From the horizontal top m... Read More
  6. Testing Your NCR Retail Online Store   Overview Store Live Previewing Your Storefront Test Plan Sample Test Plan Configure ADT Advertise Your Store   Overview Before your online store is advertised on the web, you should browse through the storefront and pl... Read More
  7. Ecommerce Tips & Techniques Overview As the ecommerce industry has grown, so have the techniques used by successful online stores to attract potential shoppers and convert them to buyers. NCR Retail Online (NRO) makes it easy for you to create a highly successful online bu... Read More
  8. Opening Your NCR Retail Online Store to the Public Overview After you have uploaded data and tested your store, it's time to open your store to the public. Learn more about testing your store before you open it in "Testing Your NCR Retail Online Store.” Table of Contents Before You... Read More
  9. Publishing Your Counterpoint Customers to NCR Retail Online Overview Setting Up Ecommerce Customers Checklist Uploading and Downloading From NCR Counterpoint to NRO From NRO to NCR Counterpoint Login IDs and Passwords Working with Email New Account (welcome) Emails Overview With an NRO store, you can r... Read More
  10. Configuring PayPal in your store Overview To walk you through the setup process of Paypal in NRO. **IMPORTANT: NRO has been tested and supports PayPal Standard and Express. Although the Payments Advanced and Payments Pro panels are available, they have not been fully tested an... Read More
  11. Enabling and Configuring the Blog feature Summary: This article will help you understand how to enable and use the Blog feature that is built into all NCR Retail Online sites. Blogging is a great way to communicate information about the industry, store, or thoughts in general about any topic... Read More
  12. Notice to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL Email Users This message is for all users of NCR Counterpoint Retail Apps who have a Yahoo or AOL email address. Yahoo and AOL have recently made changes that are causing problems for users of their email services. Put simply, they are using a technology ca... Read More
  13. How to Run a Traceroute and Write the Results to File   Purpose: Sometimes a website will appear down to some people, but the site will be up for other people. Running a traceroute will give some perspective to the problem. This article will explain how to run a traceroute and then write the ... Read More
  14. Getting Started Overview Start with Counterpoint Before installing the NRO Integration Agent, Counterpoint needs to be configured for Ecommerce. 1. Creating an Ecommerce Template Customer 2. Configuring the Ecommerce Control file 3. Create an Ecommerce Category Struct... Read More
  15. What is an SSL certificate?   Purpose: To explain the purpose of an SSL certificate.   Solution: What is an SSL certificate? An SSL certificate is an electronic key that encrypts transmissions between two computers on a public network, providing privacy and se... Read More
  16. How can I add Google Analytics code to my site ?   Purpose: To explain how to enable Google Analytics in the NRO store.   Solution: Select System (horizontal top menu) / Configuration. Go to the Sales section, and then click on the Google API tab. Expand the Google Analyt... Read More
  17. Considering moving from CPOnline to NRO? Summary: This article is designed to provide information to CPOnline merchants who are considering moving to our Magento Community Based Ecommerce platform NCR Retail Online (NRO). Solution: What are the differences between CPOnl... Read More
  18. Extra Requirements for Credit Card Processing Accounts Summary: Some Credit Card Processors require certain kinds of information be prominently displayed throughout your site. This KB article will explain what some of those requirements are and suggestions about how they can be implemented. So... Read More