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  1. Flushing the NRO Image Cache to update item Images  Summary: Provides merchants an understanding of what needs to happen when using the System / Cache Management / Flush Catalog Images Cache button.  If item images are not displaying the new uploaded images, the Image Cache may need to be... Read More
  2. Adding Promo / Discount Reminder to Checkout Overview: This article will discuss how to use static blocks and widgets to create a reminder on your checkout page for customers.   Creating the Static Block The first step to creating the reminder is to build the content. This will... Read More
  3. Adding additional scripts to NRO Purpose: To explain how to setup additional scripts for NRO that do not require order-specific information.   Solution:   NRO (Magento) already supports ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics, but does not provide anything simi... Read More
  4. Add or Embed Video on Product Pages Overview: This article will discuss how to embed videos on product pages.   Table of Contents Adding a single video across all product pages. Adding item specific videos using the Counterpoint HTML description. Adding item specific v... Read More
  5. Displaying the Thawte seal on your website Who is Thawte?Thawte is the name of the company that provides us with our SSL certificates. Your store's SSL certificate helps establish a layer of comfort and trust between your storefront and your customer. To learn more about SSL certificates... Read More
  6. Changes not Showing in NRO Store Purpose:   Whenever you make changes to your site, it's usually a good idea to flush the cache in NRO. Even though NRO usually shows you a warning at the top of the page to let you know if this needs to be done, there are times when this ... Read More
  7. Changing the Default Quantity to Add to Cart from Zero to Something Else The way to change the default quantity to add to cart for all items is as follows: 1) Navigate to System > Configuration 2) Click on the Inventory tab under Catalog 3) Expand the "Product Stock Options" section 4) Click on the "Add minimum Qty bu... Read More
  8. Adding a Dynamic Year to the Copyright Notice in the Footer Area Purpose: To include a dynamic year in the copyright notice in the footer area of your website so you don't have to remember to update this notice every year.   Solution: Select System (horizontal top menu) / Configuration. ... Read More
  9. Changes in Store Admin Panel not Taking Effect in Storefront Purpose: To explain how to troubleshoot issues with changes not taking effect in your storefront.   Solution: 1.  Check Admin Panel to verify that your changes are saved.  If it looks as if all of your changes&n... Read More
  10. Overview of the System Menu   Purpose:  To describe the options available under the System menu on the top horizontal menu. In-depth instruction on each option will be offered in other articles.     Solution: NCR Importer - View Import History&n... Read More
  11. Setting up Ecommerce Items Overview To help you start planning and setting up your store for Ecommerce by flagging items as Ecommerce, writing descriptions (product names) and HTML descriptions, and item images. Table of Contents Planning Your Items Selecting the Items ... Read More
  12. Working with the Celebrity Theme   Overview A theme defines the overall look and feel of your NCR Retail Online (NRO) website. Themes control all visual aspects of your website, including CSS and template-level images, as well as many functional aspects of your website, includ... Read More
  13. Adding Custom Options on the Product Level Overview: This article will discuss how to add custom options to products via the NRO admin panel.   Adding Custom Options Custom options in NRO allow a merchant to add small extras on the item level. For this example, an option for a mono... Read More
  14. Javascript appears to be disabled message when posting a site link to Facebook Summary: When posting a link to an NRO site to Facebook, the description of the site shows the message "Javascript seems to be disabled in your browser..." Solution: Facebook uses the Default Description from the HTML Head sectio... Read More
  15. Understanding Top Level Navigation The drop-down navigation across the top of your website is primarily driven by the categories as defined in your NCR Counterpoint system. In addition to the categories, you can easily add a Home link at the beginning (System / Configuration / Theme... Read More
  16. Disable the Price Tiers in the Layered Navigation Summary: This article will explain how to remove the Price tier filtering from the left side of your storefront that is visible, when browsing categories. Solution: To disable Price tiers in your layered navigation, go to the Manag... Read More
  17. Menu Link Dropdown Is Transparent Summary: This article will discuss how to correct the transparent background on the "Celebrity Theme - Menu Link" static block when using the Standard menu type.  Solution: In some instances, the Celebrity Theme will display a t... Read More
  18. Pricing returned NULL for dimension Summary: When importing an order into Counterpoint the below error may occur: "(TSPrice.FixGridDim) Pricing returned NULL for dimension #X even though this dimension is used. This should not happen." Solution: The source of this ... Read More