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  1. Changing the Alternate Text for the Store Logo Overview: To explain where you can change the alernate text that displays when your logo image is not available.   Alternate Text Update System / Configuration / General - Design   Select System (horizontal top menu) / Configu... Read More
  2. Adding Alternate Item Images Purpose: To explain how create multiple images for an item. Changing the Image for Different Colors (items that are gridded in Counterpoint) NRO:Catalog (horizontal top menu)/ Manage Products / [open an item] / Images You can assign cell... Read More
  3. Changing the Title Bar Text On Category and Item Detail Pages Purpose:   This article will explain how to change the title bar text that appears in the bar across the top of a web browser. The title element of a web page is meant to be an accurate and concise description of a page's content. This ele... Read More
  4. Adding a Banner, Link, or Text as a CMS Block to individual sections of your site Purpose:   Add CMS Widget Components to you web store.   Solution: Select CMS (horizontal top menu) / Widgets. Select Add New Widget Instance. Choose CMS Static Block.  Choose the theme de... Read More
  5. Changing Display Labels throughout your Storefront Overview: To show you how to use inline transaltion to change some of the labels on your NRO store.   Activating Inline Translation NRO / System / Configuration / NCR Retail Online - Translation     Browse to the above locatio... Read More
  6. Working with QR Codes Overview: QR Codes (short for Quick Response Codes) are square, matrix-style barcodes that are easily scanned using any modern smart phone. The special barcode may be used to encode text, a website address, or other data that can be easily r... Read More
  7. Weird characters upon importing item long descriptions into NCR Counterpoint Purpose:   This article suggests reasons why strange characters appear in the HTML long description for an item, after bulk updating the HTML description with DB Import and how to correct them.   Solution: There are several special cha... Read More
  8. Ratings and Reviews Purpose: To explain how to manage and add Product Ratings and Reviews.   The Product Rating system allows you to customize rating categories by which your customers can rate products when they create product reviews.  By default, NRO c... Read More
  9. Enforcing a Minimum Order Amount  Purpose: This article will explain how to configure NRO to require a minimum order amount.  Solution: Select System (horizontal top menu) > Configuration. Go to the Sales section and click on the Sales tab. Expand the&n... Read More
  10. Purchasing or Renewing Your SSL Certificate What is an SSL certificate? Merchants who wish to use their own domain, as opposed to an NCR formatted domain, must authorize the purchase of an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate will be purchased and installed by NCR Retail Hosted Apps Suppport. ... Read More
  11. Adding a Gift Wrapping Widget or Any Other Widget On Your Checkout Page Purpose: This article details how merchants can offer gift wrapping to their customers.   Solution: While this is not directly supported by NRO, there is a workaround. First you will create non-inventory items for each type of gift... Read More
  12. What are Widgets?  Summary: What are Widgets?      Solution: Widgets are front-end (storefront) blocks with a predefined set of configuration options. These configuration options are displayed in a special edit form in the NRO Admin ... Read More
  13. Default NRO CMS Pages Purpose: To provide merchants with the default HTML code and default settings for the CMS pages that come as defaults in Magento and the Celebrity theme.  TIP: Only fields that have values will be included in this document. Blank fields ... Read More
  14. Setting Up Shopping Cart Price Rules Purpose: To explain how to set up shopping cart price rules. These price rules apply only to items that are in your cart.   Solution: Select Promotions (horizontal top menu)/ Shopping Cart Price Rules. Click Add New Price Rul... Read More
  15. Creating Newsletter Templates Purpose: To explain how to create a newsletter template.  You can create and save as many of them as are required.   Solution: Select Newsletter (horizontal top menu) / Newsletter Templates to display a page listing any previ... Read More
  16. Configuring PayPal in your store Overview To walk you through the setup process of Paypal in NRO. **IMPORTANT: NRO has been tested and supports PayPal Standard and Express. Although the Payments Advanced and Payments Pro panels are available, they have not been fully tested an... Read More
  17. Setting up a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promo Code Set up the SKU attribute to Allow Use in Promo Codes. To do this, go to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes. Search for Sku. Open the attribute. Under the Frontend Properties, find the "Use for Promo Rule Conditions” option and set the drop ... Read More
  18. Getting Training Overview: To provide easy to follow videos to help you set up up your online store and data and to allow you to equest paid training through Retail Hosted Apps.   Table of Contents Setting up the NCR Counterpoint Ecommerce Contr... Read More
  19. Creating a Poll Purpose: To explain how to create a poll.   Solution: Select CMS (horizontal top menu) / Polls. Click the Add New Poll button in the top right corner of the page to display the New Poll page. In the Poll Question field... Read More
  20. How to Make a Static Block Purpose: To show where you can go to place an ad, banner, or extra links in your footer area.   Solution: Select CMS (horizontal top menu) / Static Block. Click Add New Block in the top right corner. Add a descriptive ... Read More
  21. Adding a Customer Connect Newsletter Signup Purpose: To explain how to add an email signup form for NCR Customer Connect.   Solution: Contact Retail Apps Support Team and ask to disable the built-in newsletter form (Mage_Newsletter). Log into your NCR Customer Connect account ... Read More
  22. Using the Short Description Field Overview: This article will discuss how to use Item Notes in Counterpoint to populate the Short Description field of an item in NRO. How to Use Item Notes The Short Description field in NRO is a great way to add small additional details, inf... Read More
  23. Add or Embed Video on Product Pages Overview: This article will discuss how to embed videos on product pages.   Table of Contents Adding a single video across all product pages. Adding item specific videos using the Counterpoint HTML description. Adding item specific v... Read More
  24. Displaying the Thawte seal on your website Who is Thawte?Thawte is the name of the company that provides us with our SSL certificates. Your store's SSL certificate helps establish a layer of comfort and trust between your storefront and your customer. To learn more about SSL certificates... Read More
  25. Publishing a Smaller Quantity Online Than What Actually Exists Purpose: When this question arises, the scenario is that merchants want the publish process to reduce the Quantity Available by a specific amount. For example, when an item gets down to one in NCR Counterpoint, they want the item to not be av... Read More
  26. Default NRO CMS Static Blocks Purpose: To provide merchants with the default HTML code and settings for the CMS Static Blocks that come as defaults in Magento and the Celebrity theme. TIP:Only fields that have values will be included in this document. Blank fields will not be... Read More
  27. Getting Social with NRO Purpose: To explain how to include social media "likes" on item pages.   Solution:Social media is an important part of marketing your store and NRO has an easy convenient way for you to do so. go to find the so... Read More
  28. Adding Terms and Conditions Purpose:   To explain how to set up terms and conditions.   Solution:   Enabling Terms and Conditions Select System (top horizontal menu) / Configuration. Go to the Sales section, and then click on the Chec... Read More
  29. How to embed a video on a category page Overview: This article will explain how to embed a video on a category page using static blocks. Using static blocks to embed a video on a Category Page When embedding a video on a category page the video will need to be hosted. Videos can be... Read More
  30. Adding a Comment to an order that your customer can see Purpose:   To explain how to add a comment, for your customer.   Solution: Go to Sales (horizontal top menu) then Orders. Select the desired order. In the Comments History section specify the comment text in the Comment tex... Read More
  31. Create Custom Navigation Menu Using Celebrity Theme - Menu Link Block Summary: This article assist in creating a custom navigation menu using the Celebrity Theme - Menu Link static block. Solution: WARNING: The script listed in this article requires basic knowledge of HTML to replace snippets of code ... Read More
  32. Adding a Dynamic Year to the Copyright Notice in the Footer Area Purpose: To include a dynamic year in the copyright notice in the footer area of your website so you don't have to remember to update this notice every year.   Solution: Select System (horizontal top menu) / Configuration. ... Read More
  33. Custom Sorting Products in Subcategories Overview: This article will discuss how customer sort products when selecting the top level category.   Custom Sort Products in the Top Level Category When viewing the storefront, you select a top level category, and the selection will bri... Read More
  34. Replace the Arrow Graphics on my Page Purpose:   To explain how to change the small go back/forward arrows that are visible through the NRO Storefront, when browsing pages.   Solution: Select System (horizontal top menu) / Configuration. Go to the General section, and... Read More
  35. How to find and reimport orders once you have received an error from Counterpoint Solution: You have either manually or allowed ADT to import orders from NRO and you notice that one is missing or you saw the import report that said an order was rejected. This article will explain how to find the order, the error that pr... Read More
  36. Changing the Browser Title Bar for Category Detail Pages Purpose:   This article details how to change the category information that displays in the browser Title bar.   Solution: Select Catalog (horizontal top menu) / Manage Categories. Select the category to edit by clicking the eco... Read More
  37. Overview of the CMS Menu   Purpose: To describe the options available under the CMS (Content Management System) menu on the top horizontal menu.  In-depth instruction on each option will be offered in other articles.     Solution: Pages - Th... Read More
  38. Overview of the System Menu   Purpose:  To describe the options available under the System menu on the top horizontal menu. In-depth instruction on each option will be offered in other articles.     Solution: NCR Importer - View Import History&n... Read More
  39. Defining Categories in the Admin Panel   Purpose: To explain how to manually create and manage product categories using the Manage Categories option in the Admin Panel.     Solution: To open the Manage Categories option, click Catalog (top horizontal menu) / Manage Cate... Read More
  40. Setting up Ecommerce Items Overview To help you start planning and setting up your store for Ecommerce by flagging items as Ecommerce, writing descriptions (product names) and HTML descriptions, and item images. Table of Contents Planning Your Items Selecting the Items ... Read More
  41. How to Run a Traceroute and Write the Results to File   Purpose: Sometimes a website will appear down to some people, but the site will be up for other people. Running a traceroute will give some perspective to the problem. This article will explain how to run a traceroute and then write the ... Read More
  42. Testing Your NCR Retail Online Store   Overview Store Live Previewing Your Storefront Test Plan Sample Test Plan Configure ADT Advertise Your Store   Overview Before your online store is advertised on the web, you should browse through the storefront and pl... Read More
  43. Adding More Links to the Header Area Purpose: To explain how to add one additional link to the header area of the Celebrity theme.    Solution: You can add one additional link at the beginning of the link list as part of the Celebrity theme under System / Configurat... Read More
  44. Ecommerce Tips & Techniques Overview As the ecommerce industry has grown, so have the techniques used by successful online stores to attract potential shoppers and convert them to buyers. NCR Retail Online (NRO) makes it easy for you to create a highly successful online bu... Read More
  45. Publishing Ecommerce Data   Overview Publishing ecommerce data is the primary method of transferring items, orders, customers, and ticket history from Counterpoint to NRO: Items: Publish new and updated ecommerce items, quantities, prices, and add, change, or delete c... Read More
  46. Rich Formatting Editor FAQ Purpose: To answer the most Frequently Asked Questions, in regards to the WYSIWYG editors available throughout the NRO Admin Panel.   Solution: What is the Rich Formatting Editor? This is the Web-page editing tool that comes up whe... Read More
  47. Creating and Importing 301 Redirects Overview: This article will discuss how to create 301 redirects from CPOnline and import them into NCR Retail Online.   Creating and Importing 301 Redirects Merchants coming from CPOnline Merchants coming from other ecommerce products ... Read More
  48. Working with the Celebrity Theme   Overview A theme defines the overall look and feel of your NCR Retail Online (NRO) website. Themes control all visual aspects of your website, including CSS and template-level images, as well as many functional aspects of your website, includ... Read More
  49. Integration Agent Installation Instructions Overview The Integration Agent (IA) allows you to leverage your NCR Counterpoint data with NCR Retail Online (NRO). During the install, a new service is added along with several files and folders. Prior to installing the IA, verify you meet the Mi... Read More
  50. Item Long Descriptions: Adding formatting to descriptions Purpose: To explain how to format NCR Counterpoint ecommerce long descriptions with HTML.   Solution: The best way to add formatting to your ecommerce item long descriptions is through the use of HTML.  Just insert basic HTML c... Read More
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