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  1. Creating Customer Specific Pricing Summary: This article will show you how to set up customer specific pricing by group. This will function like member pricing for your ecommerce store. It is important to note that all customers who wish to receive customers discounts of this tpe ... Read More
  2. How to find and reimport orders once you have received an error from Counterpoint Solution: You have either manually or allowed ADT to import orders from NRO and you notice that one is missing or you saw the import report that said an order was rejected. This article will explain how to find the order, the error that pr... Read More
  3. Setting Up A Custom Mapping File Summary: This article will show you how you can set up your data for a custom mapping file after the customization has been delivered. If you are interested in ordering the custom mapping file or what it is, you can click HERE to find out more. ... Read More
  4. Flushing the NRO Image Cache to update item Images  Summary: Provides merchants an understanding of what needs to happen when using the System / Cache Management / Flush Catalog Images Cache button.  If item images are not displaying the new uploaded images, the Image Cache may need to be... Read More
  5. Updating the robots text file At this time, we haven't developed the ability to directly edit the robots.txt file into the NCR Retail Online product. However, you can download a copy of our "SEM optimized" robots.txt file from this article and send your edited file back to N... Read More
  6. Changing the Default Quantity to Add to Cart from Zero to Something Else The way to change the default quantity to add to cart for all items is as follows: 1) Navigate to System > Configuration 2) Click on the Inventory tab under Catalog 3) Expand the "Product Stock Options" section 4) Click on the "Add minimum Qty bu... Read More
  7. Merchant Credit Card Fraud Article: 31 Ways to Minimize Credit Card Fraud Merchant Credit Card Fraud Article: 31 Ways to Minimize Credit Card Fraud MERCHANT CREDIT CARD FRAUD 31 Ways to Minimize Credit Card Fraud Source: INTRODUCTION: This article suggests preventativ... Read More
  8. Default NRO CMS Pages Purpose: To provide merchants with the default HTML code and default settings for the CMS pages that come as defaults in Magento and the Celebrity theme.  TIP: Only fields that have values will be included in this document. Blank fields ... Read More
  9. Minimum Requirements for NCR Retail Online In order to effortlessly integrate your NCR Counterpoint data with NCR Retail Online (NRO) you must meet the requirements below. If your version of NCR Counterpoint or Operating System is unsupported, contact your Administrator or Counterpoint Busine... Read More
  10. Scheduling ADT (Automatic Data Transfer) Overview: To show you how to configure the Automated Data Transfer that connects Counterpoint to your NCR Retail Online (NRO) store, so it automatically transfers data between both products.   Table of Contents 1. Configuring NCR Counterpo... Read More
  11. Changes not Showing in NRO Store Purpose:   Whenever you make changes to your site, it's usually a good idea to flush the cache in NRO. Even though NRO usually shows you a warning at the top of the page to let you know if this needs to be done, there are times when this ... Read More
  12. Google Product Feed Summary: A product feed or product data feed is a file made up of a list of products and attributes of those products organized so that each product can be displayed or advertised, especially in search engines. Solution: A produc... Read More
  13. H1 tags and SEO The item name that’s passed from NCR Counterpoint and used as the page title on the item detail pages is classed as H1. Similarly, page titles on general CMS pages class the Content Heading field as H1. H1 tags, or header tags, can boost your S... Read More
  14. Adding a Banner, Link, or Text as a CMS Block to individual sections of your site Purpose:   Add CMS Widget Components to you web store.   Solution: Select CMS (horizontal top menu) / Widgets. Select Add New Widget Instance. Choose CMS Static Block.  Choose the theme de... Read More
  15. How to Make a Static Block Purpose: To show where you can go to place an ad, banner, or extra links in your footer area.   Solution: Select CMS (horizontal top menu) / Static Block. Click Add New Block in the top right corner. Add a descriptive ... Read More