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  1. 10. Configuring Ecommerce Publish Codes for NRO Overview: How and what codes to set up for publishing items, customers, and orders to and from NRO.     ... Read More
  2. CPO to NRO Overview: To explain what CPOnline merchants will need to plan for to move to NRO.   ... Read More
  3. Why are there so many more items in the NRO Admin Panel than in Counterpoint? Purpose: To explain why there seem to be more items visible in the NRO Admin Panel than in Counterpoint, and how to filter the results to a manageable product list. For each item that has either grid options or alternate units, you’ll a... Read More
  4. NRO Connection Configuration Instructions Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Radiant Systems\Integration Agent\Bin\NROIntegration and click on NROConnectionConfig.exe. The NRO Connection Config window appears. Enter the Website URL, User ID, and Password then selec... Read More
  5. Advanced Search Options for NRO Summary: This article will provide some suggestions for improving search results returned to customers in your NRO storefront. Solution: It's important to understand that ecommerce solutions at the same price point as NRO do not... Read More
  6. Counterpoint / NRO Data Files In the Ecommerce Directory Summary: This help article will discuss purpose of the different files that live in the ecommerce directory on the Counterpoint server. Information: The ecommerce directory is the middle-man storage location for data moving between C... Read More
  7. Considering moving from CPOnline to NRO? Summary: This article is designed to provide information to CPOnline merchants who are considering moving to our Magento Community Based Ecommerce platform NCR Retail Online (NRO). Solution: What are the differences between CPOnl... Read More
  8. How can I have NRO pre-select an attribute / swatch image rather than use the base item image. Summary: NRO offers a new option to have the system auto-select the first in-stock option in the first drop down menu and have the appropriate image swapped into the main image view. Solution: The default functionality of NRO is to disp... Read More
  9. Replacing the Logo Image used for Invoices and Packing Slips printed within NRO Admin Panel Summary: How do I change the logo image used for Invoices and Packing Slips printed from within the NCR Retail Online (NRO) Admin Panel? Solution: In the NCR Retail Online (NRO) Admin Panel, navigate to System > Configuration. ... Read More
  10. How do I disables polls from the NRO Storefront?  Summary: How do I disable the polls from being created?      Solution: The Downloads link is a module that is part of the Magento Community Edition software that NRO is built on and can only be disabled by support. Pleas... Read More
  11. Flushing the NRO Image Cache to update item Images  Summary: Provides merchants an understanding of what needs to happen when using the System / Cache Management / Flush Catalog Images Cache button.  If item images are not displaying the new uploaded images, the Image Cache may need to be... Read More
  12. Editing Orders That Originated In Your NRO Store When a merchant needs to edit an order in any way, there are very specific steps that must be taken to avoid the IA hitting an exception while processing the payment. Here are the rules and the steps : If an NRO order needs to be edited in any way, t... Read More
  13. Canceling an NRO Newsletter If you are using the Newsletter feature built into NRO and the need arises to cancel a newsletter already queued up, you will need to contact us to cancel it. Possibly, a future Magento release will make this feature an option, through the admin pane... Read More
  14. Making Category Changes to Existing NRO Categories Currently, when it is necessary to change eCommerce categories that have already been published to NRO, there are some steps that must be followed to ensure links from the old category structures correctly redirect to the new eCommerce category struc... Read More
  15. NRO Credit Card Processing Overview When an order is placed in NRO, it is not possible to know if the order will be fully shipped. Best practices dictate that the card should not be charged until the merchandise is shipped. Rather than charge the card, NRO will issue a Preauth... Read More
  16. NRO Product Types Overview: This article will explain the different product types as they are listed in the NRO admin panel NCR Retail Online Product Types Simple Products Simple products come in two forms in NRO: Items uploaded from Counterpoint that ... Read More
  17. Canadian Merchants and Shipping Setup in NRO Overview: This article discusses how shipping should be handled in NRO for Canadian provinces.   Configuring Shipping for Canadian Merchants While most Canadian merchants use the Matrix Rates option to configure their shipping rates via a ta... Read More
  18. How do I get existing login and passwords into NRO How can I get existing login and passwords into NRO? Existing credentials from other ecommerce solutions can‘t migrate over to NRO. In fact, no password information is ever going to publish from NCR Counterpoint to NRO. This is good, because... Read More
  19. Using Special Characters in NRO Overview: To show you how to generate special characters like copyright symbols and registered trademarks for use in your item descriptions. Special characters can be used in CMS pages or blocks, item descriptions, and item names.   Cha... Read More
  20. Optimizing Item Images for NRO Overview: How you can optimize your images for NRO to have the best visual quality and the smallest file size.     ... Read More
  21. Manual Order Processing In NRO Overview: How to manually process orders in NRO.     ... Read More
  22. Adding additional scripts to NRO Purpose: To explain how to setup additional scripts for NRO that do not require order-specific information.   Solution:   NRO (Magento) already supports ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics, but does not provide anything simi... Read More
  23. Getting Social with NRO Purpose: To explain how to include social media "likes" on item pages.   Solution:Social media is an important part of marketing your store and NRO has an easy convenient way for you to do so. go to find the so... Read More
  24. Default NRO CMS Static Blocks Purpose: To provide merchants with the default HTML code and settings for the CMS Static Blocks that come as defaults in Magento and the Celebrity theme. TIP:Only fields that have values will be included in this document. Blank fields will not be... Read More
  25. Shipping Options in NRO   NRO Shipping Setup Flat Rate versus Table Rates versus Matrix Rates versus Third Party Rates Shipping Methods Configuring Flat Rate Shipping Configuring Matrix Rates Configuring Table Rates Free Shipping Viewing the Shi... Read More
  26. How can I use Flash files in NRO?   Purpose: To explain how to upload alternative files, such as flash files, javascript files and css files into NRO.   Solution:Extra files, such as flash, can be uploaded into CMS > Images & Other files.  You can then link to y... Read More
  27. Should I open the NRO Admin Panel in two browser windows at one time?   Purpose: To explain how whether or not two web browsers should be open, while working in the NRO Admin Panel.   Solution: To prevent odd behavior or data loss, it's not advisable to open the NRO Admin Panel in multiple browse... Read More
  28. Can I use my existing CPGateway setup in NRO?   Purpose: To answer the question, "Can I use my existing CPGateway setup in NRO?"   Solution: NRO uses NCR Secure Pay as the payment gateway for accepting credit cards online.  CPGateway will not be available for NRO.  For m... Read More
  29. Removing Ecommerce Items from Your NRO Storefront Purpose: To explain how to completely remove an item for purchase, in your NRO Storefront.   Solution: Items can be removed temporarily from your NRO Storefront by setting them as Inactive by going to Catalog / Manage Products / Ite... Read More
  30. Payment Options in NRO   Overview Shoppers can pay for their online orders with a variety of credit cards, through NCR Secure Pay and PayPal. The payment methods you accept in your online store can be the same as or different from your brick-and-mortar store. Tab... Read More
  31. Logging into NRO just Resets Login Screen Purpose: To explain how to login into NRO when the login screen resets after you put in your login credentials.   Solution: Check your Windows date and time settings by going to the time in your taskbar and double left click. On the ... Read More
  32. Supported Payment Gateways in NRO Overview: To define the payment gateways that are supported in NRO.   Payment Gateways NRO supports the following payment gateways: NCR Secure Pay Pay Pal is not supported at this time.... Read More
  33. Will I be charged for test orders I place in my NRO store after it has been created? Purpose: This article will answer the question, "Will I be charged for test orders I place in my store after my NRO store has been created?"   Solution: There is not a way for our billing routines to evaluate whether or not a m... Read More
  34. I don’t have email addresses for certain Counterpoint customers. Can they still be set as ecommerce customers and uploaded to NRO? Purpose:   This article answers the question:  I don't have email addresses for certain NCR Counterpoint customers.  Can they still be set as ecommerce customers and uploaded to NRO?   Solution: Only NCR Counterpoint custo... Read More
  35. Changes not Showing in NRO Store Purpose:   Whenever you make changes to your site, it's usually a good idea to flush the cache in NRO. Even though NRO usually shows you a warning at the top of the page to let you know if this needs to be done, there are times when this ... Read More
  36. Can I Edit or Change the Import/Export Files Produced by NCR Counterpoint and/or NRO?   Purpose:   This article explains whether or not the exchange files between NRO and NCR Counterpoint can be altered.   Solution: If you open the exchange files that NRO and NCR Counterpoint use that contain customer, item and... Read More
  37. Setting Up Taxes in NRO Purpose:   To explain how to setup Tax Rules, Zones, and Classes for taxable goods that tax the same. If you have product tax classes that tax differently (clothes tax differently than food, for example), please contact RHA Support for assistan... Read More
  38. Deleting Categories / Subcategories from NRO Purpose: This article explains how to completely remove ecommerce categories from the NRO storefront. Solution:   Categories can be published from Counterpoint, as well as, configured directly in NRO.     If categorie... Read More
  39. Directing Alternate Domain Names to NRO Purpose: This article explains how to point alternate domains to your NRO store.   Solution: In order to have alternate domains resolve to a specific product or category page, you need to set up the A-record within the alternate domains t... Read More
  40. Loyalty points and NRO Purpose: This article explains how NCR Counterpoint Loyalty Programs work with NRO.   Solution: Orders placed online and downloaded to NCR Counterpoint do generate loyalty points within Counterpoint. However, there is currently no way in NRO ... Read More
  41. View Orders Activity through the NRO Admin Panel Purpose: Order details can be viewed through the NRO Admin Panel.   Solution: Select Sales (horizontal top menu) / Orders. ... Read More
  42. Troubleshooting: Import to NRO Not Working Purpose:   This article will provide Troubleshooting as to why items and categories are no longer appearing in your NRO storefront. Solution: If running a Full Replacement, you must publish your full item range. If a range of items i... Read More
  43. Decimal Quantities for Items in NRO As of the launch date of NRO, NCR Counterpoint does not support fractional (decimal) quantities in its ecommerce import/export functions.  Order that have fractional quantities for any line item will be rejected during import with the error "not... Read More
  44. Adding New Pages to NRO Purpose:   To show how you can add an extra pages to NRO.   Solution: Select CMS (horizontal top menu) / Pages. Click Add New Page in the top right corner. On the Page Information section, Give the new page a Page T... Read More
  45. Changing the Default Startup Page in the NRO Admin Panel Overview: To explain how to change the default startup page you see when you log into your NRO Admin site.   Default Startup Page System / Configuration / Advanced - Admin   Select System (horizontal top menu) / Configuration. ... Read More
  46. Setting up Promo Codes in NRO                ... Read More
  47. Default NRO CMS Pages Purpose: To provide merchants with the default HTML code and default settings for the CMS pages that come as defaults in Magento and the Celebrity theme.  TIP: Only fields that have values will be included in this document. Blank fields ... Read More
  48. NCR Secure Pay Setup Overview: What you need to sign-up for Secure Pay, where to go to sign-up, and Configuring NRO for credit card processing. This article will walk you through gathering information and how to sign up for NCR Secure Pay and how to configure your N... Read More
  49. Free Shipping for A Set Number of Particular Items Set your properties tab to match the yellow fields below. Enter "Ship Free" in the yellow fields. Assigning the attribute to a group and set NRO / Catalog / Attributes / Manage Attribute... Read More
  50. How do I close my NCR Retail Online Store? Summary: How do I cancel or close my NRO store? Solution: To request a store closure, please click here and fill out the online form. ... Read More
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