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  1. CMS Block not displaying Summary: CMS Static Blocks can be used throughout the site to display design work, information, images, etc.  With recent updates made to the NRO sites, sometimes these blocks may not show up.  This is caused by the CMS Block needing to... Read More
  2. Displaying Related Items on the Item Detail Page Summary: Related items can appear on an item to encourage customers to purchase additional items.  In most cases, the additional items displaying on an item detail page are somehow similar to the item to which they are attached. For example,... Read More
  3. How do I suppress the A/R Charge credit limit from displaying on the customer’s dashboard?  Summary: By default, the available credit limit displays on the account dashboard for A/R Charge customers.  Use the steps below to hide or suppress this information.     Solution: Log into the NRO Admin Panel and... Read More
  4. Displaying the Thawte seal on your website Who is Thawte?Thawte is the name of the company that provides us with our SSL certificates. Your store's SSL certificate helps establish a layer of comfort and trust between your storefront and your customer. To learn more about SSL certificates... Read More
  5. Changing Display Labels throughout your Storefront Overview: To show you how to use inline transaltion to change some of the labels on your NRO store.   Activating Inline Translation NRO / System / Configuration / NCR Retail Online - Translation     Browse to the above locatio... Read More
  6. How can I control the display order of my categories?   Purpose: To explain how to change the display order of the ecommerce categories.   Solution: In Counterpoint, go to Setup / Ecommerce / Categories.  Select the applicable category to move and use the Move Up and Move Do... Read More
  7. How do I change the display order of the categories in my storefront?   Purpose: To explain how change the order the ecommerce categories display in the NRO navigation menu.   Solution: The ecommerce category display order is changed in Counterpoint and then published to NRO. In Counterpoint, go... Read More
  8. Why Does an Asterisk (*) Display in the ’Catalog / Manage Products’ Menu? Purpose: To explain why an asterisk displays in the Catalog / Manage Products horizontal menu in NRO.   Solution: NRO includes an extension that displays additional information in the product grid displayed under Catalog / Manage Products.&... Read More
  9. Double Quotation Marks Display as & quot; in the Item Name Purpose: To allow double quotation marks to display as " rather than & quot; in the item name fields in your storefront.   Solution: Select Catalog (horizontal top menu) / Attributes / Manage Attributes. Find the Name a... Read More
  10. Troubleshooting: Why Aren’t Ecommerce Items Published from NCR Counterpoint Displaying Online? Purpose: This article provides troubleshooting steps to determine why ecommerce items that were published from NCR Counterpoint are not appearing in your online store.   Solution: If your store is set to suppress out-of-stock i... Read More
  11. How to Display Brand Instead of Vendor in Layered Navigation Purpose: To explain how show brands in layered navigation versus vendor information.   Solution: NRO will populate the Brand header of layered navigation with your vendor by default. For the example in the article, we will be using a vi... Read More
  12. Only Displaying Preferred Unit Online   Purpose: To explain how to only show the preferred unit of measure online for an item that has alternate units in NCR Counterpoint.   Solution: In NCR Counterpoint go to Setup / Ecommerce / Control (Items tab) Set Units a... Read More
  13. Displaying Out of Stock or Pre-Order Items Purpose: This article will explain how to configure Pre-Order items and items that don't need their quantity managed. A scenario where quantity would not need to be managed would be the ability to sell a zero dollar item, such as a catalog, ... Read More
  14. Adding a Gift Wrapping Widget or Any Other Widget On Your Checkout Page Purpose: This article details how merchants can offer gift wrapping to their customers.   Solution: While this is not directly supported by NRO, there is a workaround. First you will create non-inventory items for each type of gift... Read More
  15. Credit Card Validation Error Messages In SecurePay Summary: Brief explanation of what the Error Message column on the Failed tab means in SecurePay. Solution: What appears in the Error Message column depends on the processor being used by the merchant. Oftentimes the result is simply... Read More
  16. Account Login Page Message Summary: If you wish to change the message on the Account Login page, you can utilize inline translation to customize the default text according to your needs. See Changing Labels throughout your Storefront. Note that you are limited to 256 cha... Read More
  17. Adding More Social Media Icons to the Footer Summary: By default, the Celebrity theme includes several social media icons in the Informative footer, including Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Mail. Depending on whether you choose the Light or Dark theme style (System / Configuration / NCR /... Read More
  18. Creating Customer Specific Pricing Summary: This article will show you how to set up customer specific pricing by group. This will function like member pricing for your ecommerce store. It is important to note that all customers who wish to receive customers discounts of this tpe ... Read More
  19. Create Custom Navigation Menu Using Celebrity Theme - Menu Link Block Summary: This article assist in creating a custom navigation menu using the Celebrity Theme - Menu Link static block. Solution: WARNING: The script listed in this article requires basic knowledge of HTML to replace snippets of code ... Read More
  20. How to find and reimport orders once you have received an error from Counterpoint Solution: You have either manually or allowed ADT to import orders from NRO and you notice that one is missing or you saw the import report that said an order was rejected. This article will explain how to find the order, the error that pr... Read More
  21. Orders missing in Counterpoint Summary: When I go to process orders in Counterpoint, I have orders missing. Solution: When a merchant needs to troubleshoot missing orders, we first must determine the reason the orders are missing.  Typically, orders are missi... Read More
  22. Setting Up A Custom Mapping File Summary: This article will show you how you can set up your data for a custom mapping file after the customization has been delivered. If you are interested in ordering the custom mapping file or what it is, you can click HERE to find out more. ... Read More
  23. Menu Link Dropdown Is Transparent Summary: This article will discuss how to correct the transparent background on the "Celebrity Theme - Menu Link" static block when using the Standard menu type.  Solution: In some instances, the Celebrity Theme will display a t... Read More
  24. Change The New and On Sale Banners For Your Item Images Summary: Instructions for adding a custom style sheet that will allow you to change the new and on sale banners on your products. Solution: WARNING:This style sheet is only for use with NRO sites that are responsive. If you are uns... Read More
  25. Extra Requirements for Credit Card Processing Accounts Summary: Some Credit Card Processors require certain kinds of information be prominently displayed throughout your site. This KB article will explain what some of those requirements are and suggestions about how they can be implemented. So... Read More
  26. How do I enable Manufacturer’s Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP)? Summary: How do I enable Manufacturer's Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP)? Solution: Select System (horizontal top menu) / Configuration. Navigate to Sales / Sales, and expand the Minimum Advertised Price panel. ... Read More
  27. Using Search Terms Summary: This article will discuss how to view, modify and make use of search terms and related options. Solution: The Search Terms feature in NRO can be used to guide the customer, correct errors, and improve search results. This... Read More
  28. Advanced Search Options for NRO Summary: This article will provide some suggestions for improving search results returned to customers in your NRO storefront. Solution: It's important to understand that ecommerce solutions at the same price point as NRO do not... Read More
  29. Adding Documents or PDF files to Product Pages Summary: Sometimes it is necessary to add files to a product page.  This is useful for providing User Guides, Product Documentation or other downloads for each specific product. Solution: The best way to add files to a produc... Read More
  30. Unable to download orders, NCR Counterpoint is not configured for Secure Pay Summary: When logging into the NRO Admin Panel the message "Unable to download orders, NCR Counterpoint is not configured for Securepay" is displayed. Solution:   This message indicates that the Integration Agent is not able to c... Read More
  31. Highlight new and sale items within your layered navigation Summary: This article will explain how to New and Specials filters within your layered navigation. Solution: You can also enable the new and on sale attributes in the layered navigation to allow filtering.  In the NRO admin pane... Read More
  32. How can I have NRO pre-select an attribute / swatch image rather than use the base item image. Summary: NRO offers a new option to have the system auto-select the first in-stock option in the first drop down menu and have the appropriate image swapped into the main image view. Solution: The default functionality of NRO is to disp... Read More
  33. How can I change where alternate or more views of my swatches appear? Summary: You can now select whether the "More Views" option in the image gallery for gridded (configurable) products appears above or below the swatch / attribute-specific image.    Solution: Merchants can now select where the a... Read More
  34. How do I see the shipping method chosen online, if I use Matrix Rates or Table Rates? Summary: This article will explain how to configure Counterpoint to import the shipping method your customer chose online, if the shipping method is Flat, Matrix or Table Rates. Solution: Once you have selected your appropriate shipping c... Read More
  35. How can I set up in-store exclusives or disable purchasing of specific items Summary: Disabling the purchasing of specific items allows merchants to display products online that can only be purchased in the store. Solution: To disable items from being able to be purchased online, log into the NRO Admin ... Read More
  36. Understanding Top Level Navigation The drop-down navigation across the top of your website is primarily driven by the categories as defined in your NCR Counterpoint system. In addition to the categories, you can easily add a Home link at the beginning (System / Configuration / Theme... Read More
  37. Google Product Feed Summary: A product feed or product data feed is a file made up of a list of products and attributes of those products organized so that each product can be displayed or advertised, especially in search engines. Solution: A produc... Read More
  38. The remote name could not be resolved message during importing or publish Summary: When using ADT to Publish Ecommerce data and Import orders, the message "Error: The remote name could not be resolved: ''". This can also happen when doing a manual publish if the Publish and Send button is... Read More
  39. Using picture masks with phone numbers Summary: Picture masks can be used to capture and display phone numbers in a specific format. By default, phone numbers are captured as a string of numbers such as 1234567890. You can use picture masks to capture and display phone numbers in an easie... Read More
  40. Printing Invoices and Packing Slips Summary: How do I print Invoices and Packing Slips from within the NCR Retail Online (NRO) Admin Panel? Solution: To print multiple invoices: Select Sales > Invoices. In the Invoices list, select the checkbox of each invoice you wan... Read More
  41. Understanding Attributes Summary: An attribute is defined as any property of a product. This includes product sku, product title, images, description ... just about everything that describes your product! Although this may seem a bit abstract, it’s also one of the most... Read More
  42. How do I disable or hide the compare products module from my blog? Summary:On the left side of the blog index list and on each individual blog posts, if 2 column view is enabled, the Compare Products module will display. Solution: To disable this module from appearing on the blog list or each individua... Read More
  43. Enabling and Configuring the Blog feature Summary: This article will help you understand how to enable and use the Blog feature that is built into all NCR Retail Online sites. Blogging is a great way to communicate information about the industry, store, or thoughts in general about any topic... Read More
  44. How can I get a list of all items with missing images? Summary: NCR Retail Online makes use of an Enhanced Product Grid that allows you to show or hide various columns to provide more information about the items on your site. One of these columns is the Thumbnails column. You can sort by this column to s... Read More
  45. Javascript appears to be disabled message when posting a site link to Facebook Summary: When posting a link to an NRO site to Facebook, the description of the site shows the message "Javascript seems to be disabled in your browser..." Solution: Facebook uses the Default Description from the HTML Head sectio... Read More
  46. How to configure CAPTCHA settings Setting up CAPTCHA CAPTCHA is a security feature that is available for specific forms throughout the NRO site. It is used to increase security and help deter potential thieves from resetting user passwords, creating new accounts, etc. The CAPTC... Read More
  47. How do I add a Category Banner / Image Overview: This article will discuss two different ways in which to add a Category Image or Banner via NCR Counterpoint or by use of Static Blocks from within the NRO Admin Panel.   Adding a Category Image or Banner Category images can be ver... Read More
  48. How to disable the Promo / Discount code box on Checkout and Shopping Cart pages Overview: This article will present a set of CSS code to suppress all aspects of the compare products feature in NRO.   Suppressing the Promo / Discount Code box  To completely hide or suppress the Promo / Discount code box on the Shopp... Read More
  49. Flushing the NRO Image Cache to update item Images  Summary: Provides merchants an understanding of what needs to happen when using the System / Cache Management / Flush Catalog Images Cache button.  If item images are not displaying the new uploaded images, the Image Cache may need to be... Read More
  50. How to embed a video on a category page Overview: This article will explain how to embed a video on a category page using static blocks. Using static blocks to embed a video on a Category Page When embedding a video on a category page the video will need to be hosted. Videos can be... Read More
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