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  1. Creating Customer Specific Pricing Summary: This article will show you how to set up customer specific pricing by group. This will function like member pricing for your ecommerce store. It is important to note that all customers who wish to receive customers discounts of this tpe ... Read More
  2. How to find and reimport orders once you have received an error from Counterpoint Solution: You have either manually or allowed ADT to import orders from NRO and you notice that one is missing or you saw the import report that said an order was rejected. This article will explain how to find the order, the error that pr... Read More
  3. Setting Up A Custom Mapping File Summary: This article will show you how you can set up your data for a custom mapping file after the customization has been delivered. If you are interested in ordering the custom mapping file or what it is, you can click HERE to find out more. ... Read More
  4. How do I see the shipping method chosen online, if I use Matrix Rates or Table Rates? Summary: This article will explain how to configure Counterpoint to import the shipping method your customer chose online, if the shipping method is Flat, Matrix or Table Rates. Solution: Once you have selected your appropriate shipping c... Read More
  5. How can I get a list of all items with missing images? Summary: NCR Retail Online makes use of an Enhanced Product Grid that allows you to show or hide various columns to provide more information about the items on your site. One of these columns is the Thumbnails column. You can sort by this column to s... Read More
  6. Bulk Updating Item Notes, in NCR Counterpoint Importing Item Notes in Counterpoint SQL Through Professional Services, it’s possible to upload additional item information from Counterpoint, such as Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Google Product Category, and a host of other attributes. Som... Read More
  7. Setting Up Canadian Taxes Overview: This article will help Canadian NRO merchants set up their taxes to accomodate all tax tiers, including products that qualify for GST only.   Table of Contents 1. Importing Tax Rates 2. Creating a new Product Tax Class 3. Cr... Read More
  8. Setting Up Matrix Rates Overview: To explain how to set up matrix rates as a shipping option in NRO. Matrix Rates allow you to set up flat rate shipping for multiple shipping methods. There are 3 types (conditions) of information you can use to regulate your shipping. Wei... Read More
  9. Importing Item Descriptions Importing Item Descriptions Create a text file in any word processor with each item number and its long description.  You will save the file in .txt or .csv format. Turn off Smart quotes If you use Microsoft Word to prepare your long descr... Read More
  10. Shipping Options in NRO   NRO Shipping Setup Flat Rate versus Table Rates versus Matrix Rates versus Third Party Rates Shipping Methods Configuring Flat Rate Shipping Configuring Matrix Rates Configuring Table Rates Free Shipping Viewing the Shi... Read More
  11. How can I print item long descriptions? Purpose: To explain how to get a list of your ecommerce item long descriptions from NCR Counterpoint. Solution:  Counterpoint: System / Utilities / DB Export From the top left corner in the Tables window, highlight EC_ITEM_DESCR. ... Read More
  12. Publishing Your Counterpoint Customers to NCR Retail Online Overview Setting Up Ecommerce Customers Checklist Uploading and Downloading From NCR Counterpoint to NRO From NRO to NCR Counterpoint Login IDs and Passwords Working with Email New Account (welcome) Emails Overview With an NRO store, you can r... Read More
  13. Setting up Ecommerce Items Overview To help you start planning and setting up your store for Ecommerce by flagging items as Ecommerce, writing descriptions (product names) and HTML descriptions, and item images. Table of Contents Planning Your Items Selecting the Items ... Read More
  14. Uploading Your Own Tax Rates Summary: To explain how to upload your own tax rates. Solution: Browse to Sales (horizontal top menu) / Tax / Import/Export Tax Rates. Click on the Export Tax Rates button to export the tax rates CSV fi... Read More