Getting Started Overview

Start with Counterpoint

Before installing the NRO Integration Agent, Counterpoint needs to be configured for Ecommerce.

1. Creating an Ecommerce Template Customer
2. Configuring the Ecommerce Control file
3. Create an Ecommerce Category Structure
4. Configuring Ecommerce Items
5. Creating Item Detail Images

Install the Integration Agent

Now that you've begun developing your ecommerce data, it's time to get prepared to publish your work to your NRO store.
Follow these instructions to install the Integration Agent and establish Publish Codes, which will populate your NRO store's item and ecommerce category data.

6. Publishing Ecommerce Data
7. Integration Agent Installation Instructions

Designing your website

A theme defines the overall look and feel of your NRO website. Themes control all visual aspects of your website, including CSS and template-level images, as well as many functional aspects of your website. This article will explain the functionality included with your theme, as well as how to configure your store's theme.

IMPORTANT: If you enable the Responsive Theme in your store, you will need to download and apply the free Celebrity Theme style sheet. More about enabling and configuring the responsive theme is detailed in article number 9:  Free Responsive CSS File 

8.   Working with the Celebrity Theme 
9.   Making Your Site Responsive on Smart Phones and Tablets
10. Design services or Free Theme Skins

Configuring your website in the NRO Admin Panel

11. Shipping Options in NRO
12. Defining and Calculating Taxes
13. Defining and Calculating Prices
14. Payment Options in NRO

Testing Your NRO Store

15.  Testing Your NRO Store
16.  Processing NRO Orders
17.  Implementing NCR Secure Pay in NCR Counterpoint

Opening Your NRO Store

18.  Publishing Customers From Counterpoint to NRO
19.  Replacing the Development Domain with Your Permanent Domain
20.  Opening Your NRO Store

Marketing Your NRO Store

21. Creating and Exporting 301 Redirects
22. Google Analytics
23. Google Product Feed
24. Additional Non-order Specific Scripts
25. SEO Consultation

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