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After Changing Only X Threshold Items Are Missing From Site
Added on Wed, Sep 28, 2016
Summary: Occasionally, after changing the "Only X left Threshold" under System / Configuration / Inventory / Stock Options items may no longer appear on the storefront. Solution: To fix this issue, Go to System / Index Management.... Read More
Free Shipping for A Set Number of Particular Items
Added on Wed, Jan 4, 2017
Set your properties tab to match the yellow fields below. Enter "Ship Free" in the yellow fields. Assigning the attribute to a group and set NRO / Catalog / Attributes / Manage Attribute... Read More
Increase Order Total
Added on Tue, Aug 30, 2016
Summary: To explain what happens to a transaction/order in SecurePay that is adjusted in such a way as to increase the original amount charged to a customer. Solution: When an order is edited in NCR Counterpoint and the order total... Read More
Pricing returned NULL for dimension
Added on Tue, Jun 28, 2016
Summary: When importing an order into Counterpoint the below error may occur: "(TSPrice.FixGridDim) Pricing returned NULL for dimension #X even though this dimension is used. This should not happen." Solution: The source of this... Read More
Preventing import errors for unknown states or regions
Added on Fri, Sep 18, 2015
Summary: This article will discuss how a merchant prevent import errors when a customer enters an incorrect or unknown region / state in their shipping information.  Solution: When NRO detects an unknown region or state in the... Read More
Menu Link Dropdown Is Transparent
Added on Fri, Feb 19, 2016
Summary: This article will discuss how to correct the transparent background on the "Celebrity Theme - Menu Link" static block when using the Standard menu type.  Solution: In some instances, the Celebrity Theme will display a... Read More
Using Counterpoint tax classes to support product specific tax rates.
Added on Fri, Sep 18, 2015
Summary: This article will discuss how a merchant can use Counterpoint tax classes to support the use of product specific tax rates in NRO. Solution: Using tax classes from Counterpoint to create product specific tax classes in NRO... Read More
How can I set up in-store exclusives or disable purchasing of specific items
Added on Thu, Sep 17, 2015
Summary: Disabling the purchasing of specific items allows merchants to display products online that can only be purchased in the store. Solution: To disable items from being able to be purchased online, log into the NRO Admin... Read More
Can I redirect a URL to my site or redirect my domain somewhere else?
Added on Wed, Aug 10, 2016
Summary: I have another domain that I want to point to my eCommerce store.  Is this possible? Solution: Yes, it is possible to redirect a domain to your eCommerce store.  The company that hosts the domain can do a redirect... Read More
Highlight new and sale items within your layered navigation
Added on Tue, Sep 22, 2015
Summary: This article will explain how to New and Specials filters within your layered navigation. Solution: You can also enable the new and on sale attributes in the layered navigation to allow filtering.  In the NRO admin... Read More
Removing unused or disabled categories
Added on Wed, Sep 16, 2015
Summary: Perhaps you removed a few categories from NCR Counterpoint that you no longer needed or completely changed your layout and created a whole new category structure.  No matter the reason, having too many disabled or unused categories can... Read More
How do I enable Manufacturer’s Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP)?
Added on Thu, Jan 21, 2016
Summary: How do I enable Manufacturer's Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP)? Solution: Select System (horizontal top menu) / Configuration. Navigate to Sales / Sales, and expand the Minimum Advertised Price panel. ... Read More
How can I change where alternate or more views of my swatches appear?
Added on Fri, Sep 18, 2015
Summary: You can now select whether the "More Views" option in the image gallery for gridded (configurable) products appears above or below the swatch / attribute-specific image.    Solution: Merchants can now select where the... Read More
How do I close my NCR Retail Online Store?
Added on Wed, Sep 14, 2016
Summary: How do I cancel or close my NRO store? Solution: To request a store closure, please click here and fill out the online form. Read More
Enabling and Configuring the Blog feature
Added on Fri, Aug 7, 2015
Summary: This article will help you understand how to enable and use the Blog feature that is built into all NCR Retail Online sites. Blogging is a great way to communicate information about the industry, store, or thoughts in general about any topic... Read More
Blocking IP addresses for suspicious activity
Added on Wed, Sep 16, 2015
Summary: If orders are coming from a specific IP address and there are concerns that the activity could be fraudulent then the IP address can be blocked from the site. Solution: If you suspect that fraudulent orders are coming... Read More
Create Custom Navigation Menu Using Celebrity Theme - Menu Link Block
Added on Wed, Apr 13, 2016
Summary: This article assist in creating a custom navigation menu using the Celebrity Theme - Menu Link static block. Solution: WARNING: The script listed in this article requires basic knowledge of HTML to replace snippets of code... Read More
Unable to download orders, NCR Counterpoint is not configured for Secure Pay
Added on Wed, Oct 14, 2015
Summary: When logging into the NRO Admin Panel the message "Unable to download orders, NCR Counterpoint is not configured for Securepay" is displayed. Solution:   This message indicates that the Integration Agent is not able to... Read More
Counterpoint / NRO Data Files In the Ecommerce Directory
Added on Thu, Dec 3, 2015
Summary: This help article will discuss purpose of the different files that live in the ecommerce directory on the Counterpoint server. Information: The ecommerce directory is the middle-man storage location for data moving between... Read More
NCR Secure Pay - Batch Settlement Fail (PLEASE RETRY or GENERICFAIL)
Added on Mon, Apr 4, 2016
Summary: The purpose of this article is to instruct merchants and partners on how to correct an issue where NCR Secure Pay fails to settle batches when the merchant is using First Data - Cardnet (aka FDMS North).  Solution: A... Read More
How can I have NRO pre-select an attribute / swatch image rather than use the base item image.
Added on Fri, Sep 18, 2015
Summary: NRO offers a new option to have the system auto-select the first in-stock option in the first drop down menu and have the appropriate image swapped into the main image view. Solution: The default functionality of NRO is to... Read More
Orders missing in Counterpoint
Added on Tue, Apr 5, 2016
Summary: When I go to process orders in Counterpoint, I have orders missing. Solution: When a merchant needs to troubleshoot missing orders, we first must determine the reason the orders are missing.  Typically, orders are... Read More
Free Shipping For Specific Items
Added on Fri, Apr 26, 2013
Summary: To allow you to mark certain items for free shipping, without regards to price or qty requirements. This is an excellent example for free shipping for gift cards   Table of Contents 1. Free Shipping For Specific Items a.... Read More
Using Search Terms
Added on Wed, Jan 20, 2016
Summary: This article will discuss how to view, modify and make use of search terms and related options. Solution: The Search Terms feature in NRO can be used to guide the customer, correct errors, and improve search results. This... Read More
Considering moving from CPOnline to NRO?
Added on Thu, Oct 8, 2015
Summary: This article is designed to provide information to CPOnline merchants who are considering moving to our Magento Community Based Ecommerce platform NCR Retail Online (NRO). Solution: What are the differences between... Read More
Javascript appears to be disabled message when posting a site link to Facebook
Added on Fri, Jul 31, 2015
Summary: When posting a link to an NRO site to Facebook, the description of the site shows the message "Javascript seems to be disabled in your browser..." Solution: Facebook uses the Default Description from the HTML Head... Read More
Benefits of processing NCR Secure Pay payments through NCR Counterpoint
Added on Mon, Aug 17, 2015
Summary: What are the benefits of processing NCR Secure Pay payments through NCR Counterpoint? Solution: Note: Payments can only be processed through NCR Counterpoint if running version or greater. NCR Secure Pay payments... Read More
Magento 1-8 Announcement
Added on Fri, Oct 4, 2013
Although Magento has released Magento 1.8, this version of Magento has not yet been applied to the NRO core product. We will be testing this new Magento version to verify it is compatible with existing NRO features and configurations. There is... Read More
Add Credit Memos to an Invoiced Order
Added on Tue, May 29, 2012
Summary: To explain how to add credit memos to invoiced orders by applying a full, partial, or partial payment refund. Solution: WARNING: Most merchants will be using validated returns in Counterpoint at this time to process... Read More