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Working with QR Codes


QR Codes (short for Quick Response Codes) are square, matrix-style barcodes that are easily scanned using any modern smart phone. The special barcode may be used to encode text, a website address, or other data that can be easily read by smart phones. It can even be used to dial a phone number. Most commonly, retailers use QR Codes to send the shopper to a specific website for a specific reason.
There's a certain amount of fun and surprise with QR Codes, so take advantage of that "what's behind door number one?” mentality your shoppers will enjoy.

Creating QR Codes

Easily create QR Codes online for free: www.qurify.com.

Where to Use QR Codes

You can use QR Codes to make just about anything more interactive. For example:
  • Receipts*: Add a QR Code to your point-of-sale receipts that sends the shopper to your online store or Facebook page.
  • Shelf Tags*: Add QR Codes to your shelf tags that send the shopper to the specific item pages in your online store. Great for simplifying the sale of oversize merchandise (like furniture), out-of-stock items, or special order items (shoppers can easily purchase online and even pick up the items at your store if you choose). Also useful for allowing shoppers to learn more about your products and read online customer reviews, or even for sending shoppers to your own 'How-To' videos.
  • Printed Materials*: Add QR Codes to other printed materials such as business cards, direct mail, newspaper ads, store signage, or anywhere you want to allow shoppers to scan a barcode with their smart phones. You can even add QR Codes to your invoices, packing slips, gift receipts, layaway receipts, A/R statements, admission tickets, and other NCR Counterpoint forms.
  • Promotions, Discounts, and Giveaways: Add QR Codes to printed materials to send shoppers a link with a Coupon Code. In NRO, select Promotions / Shopping Cart Price Rules to create your coupon code. For example, create a coupon code called SAVE10 that gives shoppers 10% off their next purchase of $100 or more in your online store. Add the QR Code to every customer's point-of-sale receipt to encourage new online purchases.
  • Store Window: Unless you're open 24/7, chances are you'll have the occasional visitor stop by to find your door locked. But don't lose that sale! Add a 'Shop Online Now' QR Code to your front window so shoppers can easily view your merchandise and shop online during off hours.
  • Customer Displays: If you're using any of NCR's Customer Displays (either pole displays or larger rear mounted displays) you can incorporate any type of QR Codes into the advertising panel.
  • Event Details: Whether you're hosting a trunk show, weekly wine tastings, or an annual Spring Fling, use QR Codes on printed materials (and even NCR Counterpoint Admission Tickets) to send shoppers to a web page that includes directions, a map, date and time, and other event details.
  • Build Up Your Email Subscriber List: Add a QR Code to a sign located at your point-of-sale station. Encourage shoppers to sign up for your email newsletters, event notifications, and special offers directly from their smart phones.

    If you're using NCR Customer Connect for your email marketing service, go to Manage / Subscribe Options and click the Click Here for HTML Link Code button. Copy just the URL (the portion of the HTML code after 'href=' that's enclosed in quotation marks) to use as your QR Code link.

Then take it to the next level with NCR Customer Connect! After a shopper signs up for your email list, automatically send them a Welcome email with a coupon valid for in-store purchases, online purchases, or both! For best results, create your Customer Connect email segment based on days since opt in < 3, and only send the email to each recipient one time.

 * When working with NCR Counterpoint forms and receipts, save the QR Code as a BMP (bitmap) for best results. For assistance customizing your NCR Counterpoint forms and receipts, please contact your NCR Counterpoint Business Partner.

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