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What are Widgets?


What are Widgets?

Widgets are front-end (storefront) blocks with a predefined set of configuration options. These configuration options are displayed in a special edit form in the NRO Admin Panel when a widget is being added or edited. The ability to easily set widget configuration options allows for full control of widget placement on a page.
Using Widgets, you can easily add dynamic content to pages in your NRO store. This allows for greater control and flexibility in creating informational and marketing content.
Some of the places you can use Widgets are:
  • Dynamic product data
  • Dynamic information such as Recently Viewed Items into Content Pages
  • Promotional images to position in different blocks, side columns, and other locations through the storefront.
  • Interactive elements and action blocks (external review systems, video chats, voting, and subscription forms, for instance)
  • Alternative navigation elements (tag clouds, catalog image sliders, etc.)
  • Interactive and dynamic flash elements within content pages


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