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Using Search Terms


This article will discuss how to view, modify and make use of search terms and related options.


The Search Terms feature in NRO can be used to guide the customer, correct errors, and improve search results. This feature can be accessed by navigating to Catalog > Search Terms.

Below is an example of an NRO site with a list of search terms.

Opening a search query will present the user with the screen below. This is where individual search query options can be altered.

Search Query - This is the word, group of words, or phrase the customer entered into the search box at the top of the NRO website.

Results - This is the number of results returned by the search query. By default, NRO will search for the entire phrase first, then for each word in the phrase. Key areas that NRO will search in are the product name, product description, and product attributes. Altering the basic options of how NRO uses search queries can be done under System > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Catalog Search.

Number of Uses - This number indicates the number of times a word or phrase has been used as a search query. 

Synonym For - When a word or phrase is misspelled or used incorrectly, a customer will often receive few or no search results. Synonyms can be used to guide customers to correct terms and useful search results. A few examples of usage are shown below:
  • A word is misspelled, returning zero results - Often times, customers may incorrectly spell words. Let's use the term "bridge" as seen above. If a customer were to enter "brigde" into the search box, no results would be returned. Using the Search Terms feature, a synonym of "bridge" could be entered. The next time a customer enters in "brigde", they will be directed to search results for "bridge" instead.
  • A name or title is used incorrectly - Say an artist's gallery is selling prints. A customer may not know the name or title of a specific painting. They may search for it using a descriptor. For example, Salvador Dali's famous painting of melting clocks is not simply named "Melting Clocks". A synonym could be used to direct the customer to search results for "The Persistence of Memory" which would result in products such as gifts and prints that bear the painting's actual title. This greatly assists customers in finding products they are interested in.
Redirect - This option is used to direct search queries to a specific web page. As an example, say a customer enters in the term "sale". Using the redirect option, NRO can redirect a customer to the site's specials page to show the customer all products that are currently on sale. If linking to a page internal to NRO, a dynamic URL should be used (i.e. "/apparel / pants / jeans"). Linking to pages outside of NRO should use the full URL. 

Display In Suggested Terms - Once NRO has a history of search terms, it can often provide suggested terms to use based on what the customer is entering into the search box. 

As an example, a customer enters in the term "clean" into the search box. Before they hit enter or the magnifying glass to search, NRO may show some suggested search terms under the search box along with the number of search results for that term. For example, NRO could show "cleaners     33" or "cleaning solutions    15" and so on. An example of this action is shown below.

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