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Unable to download orders, NCR Counterpoint is not configured for Secure Pay


When logging into the NRO Admin Panel the message "Unable to download orders, NCR Counterpoint is not configured for Securepay" is displayed.


This message indicates that the Integration Agent is not able to communicate with NCR Counterpoint in order to find the NCR Secure pay settings.  This generally happens when Counterpoint is busy processing a heavy task or if there is a network communication issue. Most merchants report this error generates throughout the early hours of the morning while Counterpoint is busy with its nightly tasks. To confirm this is indeed the problem, navigate to System > Notifications in the NRO admin panel. Look at the date and time the error was generated. If the error is occurring present date and time over the course of several hours, please contact support for troubleshooting assistance. Otherwise, this message can typically be disregarded.  If the error happened during non-business hours and hasn't happened within the last 15 minutes, there is nothing to be concerned about.

The error will continue to display when you log into your NRO store admin panel, until the error is either marked as read or deleted. To do either of those two things, in NRO, go to System > Notifications. From there you can either mark as read or delete the notification. 

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