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Removing unused or disabled categories


Perhaps you removed a few categories from NCR Counterpoint that you no longer needed or completely changed your layout and created a whole new category structure.  No matter the reason, having too many disabled or unused categories can cause performance issues and even bring your website down.

Disabled or unused categories will still take up space and resources on your website.  Every time you publish categories and items from NCR Counterpoint, the unused categories on your site still get indexed and cached.  This takes extra processing time and if there are too many it can bring the site down entirely.


To clean up old and disabled categories and help keep performance on your site running smooth, start by comparing what's in NCR Counterpoint to what's in NRO.  You can find these under Catalog / Manage Categories in the list on the left.  They will appear as grayed-out category entries.

You can select the category from the list on the left and then click the Delete Category button at the top right of the page.

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