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Purchasing or Renewing Your SSL Certificate

What is an SSL certificate?

Merchants who wish to use their own domain, as opposed to an NCR formatted domain, must authorize the purchase of an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate will be purchased and installed by NCR Retail Hosted Apps Suppport. Additionally, merchants who wish to place their ecommerce store under their domain must keep a valid SSL certificate. The SSL certificate must be purchased through us, due to PCI requirements to which we must adhere.  To learn more about SSL certificates, please follow this link:


Ordering Your SSL Certificate

Click here to authorize the initial purchase of an SSL certificate, or the renewal of an SSL ticket for NCR Counterpoint Online (CPOnline), or NCR Retail Online (NRO). 

Need Help Determining Which Product You Have?

CPOnline Store Management


As a CPOnline merchant, when you log into your Store Management Panel everyday, this is what you will see. For CPOnline merchants, your Store Management background color will be BLUE
AS a CPOnline merchant you will typically not need to purchase a new SSL certificate. These are usually included in your registration and set up fees based off of the time length you selected. When marking your renewal time, be sure to choose the renewal terms on the docusign form.
If you intend to change the domain name for your site, you will need to order your SSL as a brand new certificate on the docusign form.
NRO Admin Panel


As an NRO merchant, when you log into your Admin Panel everyday, this is what you will see. For NRO merchants, your Admin Panel Header color will be GREEN

As an NRO merchant you are not required to purchase an SSL certificate, unless you intend to move your store from the free SSL domain "yourstore.nrostores.com" to your own domain.

*NCR will use your onfile payment type for all SSL transactions.

Please note that it can take up to two weeks to process each SSL renewal, so don't wait until the last minute! Be sure to get your renewal in as soon as possible to ensure that your online store continues to provide a safe shopping experience for your customers.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are an NRO merchant who wishes to go live with your permanent domain in place, you will need a valid SSL certificate purchased through NCR. This process can take a minimum of two weeks. The process includes obtaining the SSL, as well as installing and configuring the SSL certificate on your servers. The two week estimate for completing this effort begins after the valid SSL is obtained.

Why we only use Thawte Certificates

  1. We have systems and processes in place to ensure that all stores are configured the same across all servers in our server farms. Allowing different formats of SSL certificates would circumvent all of the processes that have been developed to ensure maximum uptime for all of our merchants.
  2. We are Level-1 PCI compliant, and part of the audit process we must go through to achieve that level of certification involves review of the SSL certificates we provide. If we were to introduce additional certificate formats, we would incur additional audit costs that we would have to pass along to our clients. Requiring Thawte certificates for all merchants allows us to keep overall costs as low as possible for all our merchants.We cannot install SSL certificates on our servers where the private key was generated outside of our environment because this would introduce an unacceptable security risk that would jeopardize our Level-1 PCI compliance.
  3. We purchase a specific type of certificate through Thawte called the SSL Web Server certificate. If you attempted to purchase that certificate on your own, you'd pay significantly more than what you pay to purchase the certificate through us.
Additionally, the level of quality for these certificates surpasses what you get with a GoDaddy certificate. Thawte certificates are more compatible across many web browsers and operating systems. Additionally, the depth of the verification process assures the potential customer that your site has been proven to be a legitimate business listed with your Secretary of State. Consumers trust Thawte.

Expired or No SSL Installed: Browser Warnings

All browsers will now warn shoppers if they are entering a secured page that is not secured. Meaning, the shopper is being directed to an https:/// address that does not have an SSL certificate in place to protect the shopper as they enter their information into a website. The 2 most common warning messages can be viewed below.

Warning for Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer SSL Warning

Warning for Firefox (Mozilla):

Mozilla SSL Warning
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