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Shoppers can pay for their online orders with a variety of credit cards, through NCR Secure Pay and PayPal. The payment methods you accept in your online store can be the same as or different from your brick-and-mortar store.

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Credit Cards & NCR Secure Pay

Shoppers can purchase items from your online store using any major credit card—American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa.

When paired with NCR's Secure Pay service, NRO supports real-time credit card authorizations, address verification, and CVV security codes. NCR Secure Pay enhances credit card processing for Counterpoint merchants and is fully compliant with PCI DSS and CISP. To sign up for NCR Secure Pay or to learn more about the benefits, visit https://www.counterpointpos.com/solution/merchant-services/NCRSecurePay.htm.

NCR Secure Pay is a payment gateway that communicates directly with your credit card processor. When customers make purchases through your storefront, all credit card information is securely passed directly from the browser to Secure Pay. NRO does not store any credit card information. 

With NCR Secure Pay, you can enable real-time credit card authorizations in your NRO store. NCR Secure Pay is a service from NCR that enhances credit card processing for Counterpoint merchants in NRO.

With real-time authorizations, charges are authorized at the time the order is placed and the shopper will instantly know whether or not the charge was approved. Although NCR Secure Pay hasn't yet been released for use in Counterpoint, NCR Secure Pay can be used in your NRO store for credit card authorizations. To secure payment, you'll log into your NCR Secure Pay account and process payment one order at a time, or by batch processing.

If you are using NCR Secure Pay in your NRO store, you can enable AVS (Address Verification Services) and CVV2/CVC2 security codes when authorizing real-time credit card transactions in NRO.

Address verification is the process of sending the cardholder’s billing address zip code to the processor in order to reduce the risk of fraud and the potential for charge backs. CVV2/CVC2 provides supplemental information for an address verification transaction by sending the extra three or four digits printed on the credit card to the processor.

Address verification and CVV2/CVC2 do not affect whether a transaction is authorized. These services are simply safeguards to help you mitigate fraud.

Setting Up Payment Methods

Counterpoint:Setup / Ecommerce / Control

NRO only utilizes one Pay Code and it is a CASH pay code type. In Counterpoint, select Setup / Ecommerce / Control. On the Payment tab, map the PayPal setting to a Counterpoint cash pay code. We recommend making one called Secure Pay.

Enter the Cash pay code that corresponds to the PayPal payment method. The pay codes available are those that you have already defined in Counterpoint (in Setup / System / Pay Codes).

NOTE: Credit card transactions are not authorized in Counterpoint. Those transactions are authorized through your accounts with NCR Secure Pay, Google or PayPal. The transactions are recorded in Counterpoint, only for reference and accounting purposes. The online transactions come into Counterpoint as Cash transactions.

After you have defined the cash pay code to use in your online store, you can set up the payment options through the NRO Admin Panel.

NRO: System (horizontal top menu) / Configuration / Sales Section / Payment Methods tab/ NCR Secure Pay panel.

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