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Overview of the CMS Menu

To describe the options available under the CMS (Content Management System) menu on the top horizontal menu.  In-depth instruction on each option will be offered in other articles.
  • Pages - This option allows you to manage your static pages.  Static pages on your website include your homepage, about us, customer support, and more. You can also create new static pages for your site based on your needs.
  • Home Page Slideshow -This option allows you to manage the slides (images) that appear, including the order in which they appear.
  • Static Blocks - Static blocks are used to make small updates to portions of your website.  Some uses would be for promotional banners/callouts in sidebars or for some custom text in the middle of your home page.
  • Import CMS Pages/Static Blocks - This option allows you to import CMS pages or static blocks.
  • Widgets - Widgets are additions that can be applied to your site.  These additions can add extended funcationality to NRO or make managing certain aspects of your site easier.  They can also be used to customize themes or other aspects of your site.
  • Polls - This allows you to set up polls to help get feedback from visitors to your site.
  • Images & Other Files

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