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Orders missing in Counterpoint


When I go to process orders in Counterpoint, I have orders missing.


When a merchant needs to troubleshoot missing orders, we first must determine the reason the orders are missing.  Typically, orders are missing for the following reasons:

1.  Counterpoint encountered an error when trying to import the order

Log into Counterpoint and navigate to Ecommerce / Import. Counterpoint will tell you if there is an error file CPOLTOCP.err present. If so, from the Counterpoint Main Menu navigate to Setup / Ecommerce / Control / Main Tab and press the blue Ecommerce Directory link. This will open the CPOnline folder allowing you to look for a file named exactly CPOLTOCP.err.log. Reviewing the log file will usually provide you with the reason an order is failing to import. Once the issue listed in the log file is resolved, rename the error file CPOLTOCP.err back to a text file CPOLTOCP.txt and repeat the import process.

2.  ADT is unable to log into Counterpoint and import the orders

When navigating to Ecommerce / Import in Counterpoint, if the missing order(s) import, click on the following article link for the steps to take to see if there is an issue with ADT. For information on troubleshooting ADT please visit this link

3.  The Radiant Integration Agent Service is not running or doesn't have access to the CPOnline folder

When navigating to Ecommerce / Import in Counterpoint,  a message is displayed states that there is not order file present, please do the following:
  • Verify the Radiant Integration Agent Service is started on the Counterpoint Server
  • Verify that no Network or Firewall changes have been made and the ports required are still open. 
For more information please see this article:

Note:  If a merchant has ADT configured and  Counterpoint states "CPOLTOCP.txt not found.  Do you want to connect to CPOnline to download it now?", select No.  This feature of Counterpoint does not work with NRO.  NRO does not require/use an FTP account.  If you select yes, you will get a 530 Login incorrect error. 

For more information please see this article:

The remote name could not be resolved message during importing or publish.

4.  An error was encountered on the NRO side and the order could not be written to an order file
  • Log into the NRO Admin Panel and navigate to System / Notifications  to see if the Integration Agent encountered an issue with creating the Order Import File encountered on the NRO side.
  • Verify the order in the NRO Admin Panel was not processed to a completed status prior to the Integration Agent creating an order file for import.
Note: The Integration Agent will only write orders in a processing state to the order file for import into Counterpoint. The Integration Agent cycles around approximately every 30 minutes to see if new orders have been placed in the storefront and need to be written to an order import file.  Because you will not know where the Integration Agent is in its cycle at any given moment, we suggest waiting 30 minutes from the time the order was placed before processing any orders in the NRO Admin Panel to a completed status.
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