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Optimizing Your Item, Category and Storefront Images

This article will explain how to optimize images for the web. It's important to optimize all content available through your NRO storefront. Not only will this preserve your bandwidth, but optimizing your content will make your site's pages load more quickly. One of the biggest frustration points for web customers is a slow and non-responsive webstite.
Balancing JPGs between size and quality is usually a matter of trial and error.

  1. Start with the original image file, and copy the section that should be a separate image into its own new empty window
  2. Save the new file at around 80% quality, then check the size and the quality (by looking at the image in another image viewer)
  3. Save the file again at 70% quality, and check the size/quality again
  4. Keep dropping the quality by about 10% each time until you reach one that isn’t suitable in quality
  5. Bump it back up about 5% and try again – basically, you’re trying to find the optimum setting for this particular image where it doesn’t lose too much quality but is as small a file size as possible
Just keep in mind not to try to increase quality on an existing JPG – once it’s been saved at a lower quality, you’ve compressed the data and you can’t increase it. You need to start with the original high quality image file each time to get the best results.

Each image is going to be different based on the content, the number of colors, the amount of detail, etc. Some images can be saved at as low as 30-40% quality and still look okay for web delivery, while others might need to be 80-90% to look okay.
Here is a training video that illustrates how to optimize images using Adobe Elements.

Optimizing Item Images for NRO from NCR Retail Online on Vimeo.

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