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NCR Secure Pay - Batch Settlement Fail (PLEASE RETRY or GENERICFAIL)


The purpose of this article is to instruct merchants and partners on how to correct an issue where NCR Secure Pay fails to settle batches when the merchant is using First Data - Cardnet (aka FDMS North). 


A merchant using First Data - Cardnet (FDMS North) may encounter an issue where NCR Secure Pay will not settle manually or automatically. In the portal, a manual settle may result in a "PLEASE RETRY" message with batch showing in a closed state. If they see this error via their nightly batch settlement email, they see something like the below messaging:

Processor: CARDNET
Status: FAIL
msoft_code: INT_SUCCESS
phard_code: GENERIC FAIL

When this messaging happens, the merchant will need to reach out to their credit card processor. They will need to speak to their account manager or a general account specialist and request that the EDC on their account be changed to "2". NCR Secure Pay will then need to sync with the processor over night for the change to take affect. Once this has been completed, the batch can be settled.

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