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How can I tell if my Third Party Shipping method is calculating correctly?

To explain how to tell if the Third Party Shipping methods (UPS, USPS, FedEx) are calculating correctly?

Here are all the pieces involved with Third Party shipping:

  1. Weight of order
  2. Origin ZIP code (your store's ZIP code)
  3. Destination ZIP code (where shipped)
  4. Shipping method (Ground, Express, Overnight)
  5. Shipping company (FedEx, UPS, USPS, if you use Third Party Rates)
  6. Account Type (Daily pickup, One-time pickup, or Dropoff at counter, contractual and non-contractual)
  7. Rate type (residential or commercial)
  8. Item-specific freight charges (if you have entered any for Third Party Rates)
  9. Markup (if you have entered one)
  10. Handling charges (if you have entered any)

This is everything that NRO uses to determine Third Party shipping rates. These values are passed along to the carrier, and then the carrier returns a quote. NRO will add item surcharges and additional handling fees and markups to the original quote.

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