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How can I set up in-store exclusives or disable purchasing of specific items


Disabling the purchasing of specific items allows merchants to display products online that can only be purchased in the store.


To disable items from being able to be purchased online, log into the NRO Admin Panel and go to Catalog / Manage Products. Select the item that you want to disable and go to the Disable Purchase tab on the left.

Change the Disable Purchase drop-down to Yes.

The Disable Purchase Text can be used to specify that this is an In-Store Exclusive or Available In Store Only. You can set this value to whatever you would like to display to your customers.

Note: You do not have to specify the Disable Purchase Text. If this field is left blank then the default value specified under System / Configuration / Catalog / Disable Purchase / Default Disabled Purchase Text will be used. You can also change the default value to whatever value you would like your customers to see.
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