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How can I add Google Analytics code to my site ?

To explain how to enable Google Analytics in the NRO store.
  1. Select System (horizontal top menu) / Configuration.
  2. Go to the Sales section, and then click on the Google API tab.
  3. Expand the Google Analytics panel.
  4. Enter in the UA number for your Google Analytics domain account.
  5. Save your changes.

The next illustrate how to install the META tag that is used for verifying the site through your Google Webmasters Tools account.

  1. From within the Google Webmaster tools account, choose the META tag verification method
    Highlight and copy the complete meta tag.

  2. In NRO, navigate to System > Configuration > General Section > Design tab > HTML head panel.
  3. In the Miscellaneous Scripts section of the HTML head panel, paste the Meta tag.
  4. Save changes.
  5. Navigate to Webmaster Tools and click the "Verify this site" link.

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