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To provide easy to follow videos to help you set up up your online store and data and to allow you to equest paid training through Retail Hosted Apps.

Table of Contents

  1. Setting up the NCR Counterpoint Ecommerce Control file
  2. Setting up Ecommerce Categories
  3. Setting up Ecommerce Items
  4. Defining Ecommerce Publish Codes
  5. Installing the Integration Agent
  6. Optimizing Images for the Web
  7. Processing Orders in NRO
  8. Creating a Sale in Counterpoint, for the NRO store
More to come!!

NCR Retail Online Training Videos

Step 1:

Enable ecommerce in NCR Counterpoint and configure NCR Counterpoint's Ecommerce Control file.
These series of videos will teach you how to define each tab of the NCR Counterpoint Ecommerce Control file, as well as enable ecommerce in NCR Counterpoint.

Configuring the Ecommerce Control file: Main tab


Configuring the Ecommerce Control file: Items tab


Configuring the Ecommerce Control file: Prices tab


Configuring the Ecommerce Control file: Customers tab


Configuring the Ecommerce Control file: Orders tab


Configuring the Ecommerce Control file: Ship Via tab


Configuring the Ecommerce Control file: Payment tab


Step 2:

Define your ecommerce categories, in NCR Counterpoint:

This video will walk you through the process of creating your ecommerce categories in NCR Counterpoint.

Setting up Ecommerce Categories:

Step 3:

Enable and define your ecommerce items, in NCR Counterpoint:

This video will walk you through the process of enabling and defining your items for ecommerce.

Setting up Ecommerce Items


Step 4:

Define your ecommerce publish codes, in NCR Counterpoint:

This video will teach you how to define your ecommerce publish codes, per our recommendations.

Setting up Ecommerce Publish Codes for NCR Retail Online:


Step 5:

Optimizing Item Images for NCR Retail Online:

Optimizing your storefront images and content is important, from a usability perspective. This video explains how to optimize your storefront and item images, for the web. The software demonstrated in this video is Adobe Elements.

Optimizing Item Images for NCR Retail Online:

Step 6:

Install the Integration Agent

The Integration Agent publishes ecommerce data to your NCR Retail Online (NRO) store, as well as delivers orders and customers from NRO to your ecommerce directory. This video will walk you through the standard installation process.

Installing the Integration Agent:

Step 7:

Processing Orders in NRO

This video will demonstrate how to capture payment through the NRO Admin Panel, and then how to batch settle credit card transactions through the NCR Secure Pay portal.

Further Training

Below are several more videos to help you with other areas of setting up your store. More videos will be posted on a regular basis as they become available.

Configuring Guest Checkout

This brief video will explain how to setup and configure Guest Checkout for your NRO store.

Implementing NCR Secure Pay in NRO

This short video will give you an overview of the steps required to implement NCR Secure Pay into your NRO store.

Implementing Secure Pay

Configuring Table Rates as a Shipping Method

Here is a video on how to configure table rates as a shipping method in your NRO store. This will walk you through the process of enabling table rates, as well as using the various templates to configure your rates.


NCR Customer Connect Training Videos

NCR Customer Connect is the only email marketing solution that integrates with NCR Counterpoint. Below are step-by-step training videos that detail how to set up develop effective email marketing campaigns, using Customer Connect. All NCR Retail Online merchant who subscribe to NCR Customer Connect are eligible for free Customer Connect sign-up script implementation. Please contact Retail Hosted Apps Support, for further details.

You can register for NCR Customer Connect at http://www.counterpointpos.com/solution/customer-connect.htm.

The NCR Customer Connect web training series will cover logging into your Customer Connect account for the first time and creating and sending emails.

Video 1: Getting Started

This video discusses the welcome email, user account information, how to reset your password and getting started with Customer Connect for new users.


Video 2: Exploring the Dashboard

This video covers the functionality of the dashboard, and introduction to the layout of the Customer Connect interface, and links to helpful resource articles.


Video 3: Exploring the Results Tab

This video discusses built in Customer Connect contact, campaign, links and business reporting.


Video 4: Exploring the Manage Tab

This video demonstrates how to upload contact lists and images, set defaults, custom variables, and where to find the HTML code for setting up a subscribe link on your website.


Video 5, part 1: Creating New Campaigns and Emails

This video covers how to create and name new emails and campaigns, and how to change emails specific default settings.


Video 5, part 2: Editing Email Recipients Under Step 4 of the Campaigns Tab

This video discusses how to the built in segmentation features for using segment defaults and how to set up your own custom segment.


Video 5, part 3: Choosing and Editing Templates

This video discusses how to choose a stock and existing templates and how to edit a template using the built in text editor.


Video 5, part 4: Scheduling and Sending Your Email

This video discusses how to check email spam results, send a test email, and how to send a onetime "send now" or "send later" email, as well as how to set up a recurring or "set and forget" email.

Paid Training Services

To request our paid training services, please use the link below to sign-up. Arepresentative will be contacting you to set up a training schedule with you within 48 hours.
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