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Free Shipping For Specific Items


To allow you to mark certain items for free shipping, without regards to price or qty requirements. This is an excellent example for free shipping for gift cards

Table of Contents

1. Free Shipping For Specific Items

2. Shopping Cart Example


Free Shipping For Specific Items

In this example we will be applying free shipping to gift cards, but it can be applied to any group of products. First we must set up an attribute to trigger the products that we want to have free shipping to be able to receive it.

Creating the free shipping attribute

NRO / Catalog / Attributes / Manage Attributes

Properties tab

Set your properties tab to match the yellow fields below.

Manage Label / Options

Enter "Ship Free" in the yellow fields.

Assigning the attribute to a group and set

NRO / Catalog / Attributes / Manage Attribute Sets

Select the first entry in your Manage Attribute Sets panel. In the example below it will be color_shoesize. You will repeat the process below until all sets include the free shipping attribute.

TIP: Your attribute will look different. Attribute sets are based off the alternate units and gridded items you have coming from Counterpoint. Be sure to assign the free shipping attribute to all of them.

Look in the Unassigned Attributes section on the right hand side. Your free_ship attribute will be listed there. Hold-left click the attribute and drag it to be one of the last fields under the Groups section on the left. Save your progress.

Activate free shipping for all items

NRO / Catalog / Manage Products

Now we will assign the free ship attribute to all products in the store. This will not give all products free shipping, it just makes it available to them. 

TIP: For products to claim free shipping they must be assigned to the free shipping promo code we will set up next.

On the light gray bar on the left of the screen, click Select All. Follow the line all the way to the right and change the actions drop down to Update Attributes and click Submit.

Once in the Update Attributes screen scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and find your free ship attribute. Check the Change box and set Free Ship/Ship Free to Yes. Save you changes in the top right corner of the screen.

Creating the free shipping attribute

NRO / Promotions / Shopping Cart Price Rules
Click the Add New Rule button on the upper right. Set the rule as instructed below.

TIP: Be sure and select all customer groups when setting up this price rule.

Rule Information Tab



Conditions Tab

Skip this tab. It is not pertinent to this rule.

Actions Tab

Again, fill out the below information for the yellow highlighted areas. 


TIP: Remember that you will only be selecting the categories that contain your items. Alternately, you could choose SKU instead of category and then check the items that will be a part of this rule.



When you are finished be sure to click the green button with the check mark then save your progress in the top right corner.
Your actions should look similar to this when complete.

Labels Tab

Move to the Labels tab and choose names that are descriptive for your customers to describe the applied shopping cart price rule.

Save the rule.

Shopping Cart Example

This is what the cart will look like when a customer now purchases one of these items:


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