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Extra Requirements for Credit Card Processing Accounts


Some Credit Card Processors require certain kinds of information be prominently displayed throughout your site. This KB article will explain what some of those requirements are and suggestions about how they can be implemented.


Even if your credit card processor does not require the things highlighted in this article, it is still good to provide links to your policy pages and also display the payment methods accepted through your storefront within the template header or footer. Having these items display in the header or footer will ensure the customers can easily access the information no matter where they navigate throughout your storefront.

1.  Display and link to your customized Privacy, Returns and Shipping Policy pages.
2.  Display your store's SSL dynamic seal within your store's Policy page, or create a custom policy page that displays the seal. For example, you     could create a custom CMS page under CMS > Pages that highlights your store's SSL certificate.
3.  Display the payment methods accepted through your storefront.

This KB article explains how to identify which static block is controlling your footer content:

Once you know what kind of footer your store is using, you can add links to your policy pages and display images of the payment methods you accept in your ecommerce store by editing the static block that controls your footer content. The static block can be edited by navigating to CMS > Static Blocks.  Once there, click on the static block being used in your storefront. Using the WYSIWYG editor, add the appropriate links to your footer.

This KB article explains how to display your domain's SSL certificate within your Policy Page:

This KB article explains how to 
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