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Error: Sales rep not on file


Error:  Sales rep not on file.  This error indicates that the Ecommerce Template customer record in Counterpoint has a Sales Rep assigned to it, but that User record has been deleted.  Counterpoint will not be able to import the order until the Sales Rep's User record has been restored.


To re-create the User record and import the order file:
  1. Under Setup / System / Users in Counterpoint, create a new User record.  The User must be named exactly as it appears in the Order Import Error file.  Here's an example of an error message:  "Sales rep POS not on file."  In this case, the User that was deleted was called "POS.'
  2. When re-creating this User, be sure to check the "Sales rep" box.
  3. Under Setup / Ecommerce / Control / Customers, make note of the Template Customer's customer number.  Look that customer number up under Customers / Customers.  Verify that the Sales Rep field is populated with the same User from Steps 1 and 2 above.
  4. See the following help article for information about importing orders once errors have been corrected:  http://help.ncrretailonline.com/article/how-to-find-and-reimport-orders-once-you-have-received-an-error-from-counterpoint.html

TIP:  It is best practice to disable a Counterpoint User record, rather than to delete it.  User records as associated with reports, template records, history, etc. in Counterpoint.  Deleting these records causes disconnects like this order import error.

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