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This article will explain how to resolve the NXT_EC_ORD_SEQ_OFFSET error.

  1. In NCR Counterpoint, navigate to Setup / Point of Sale / Stores.
  2. On the Tickets-3 tab- remove the check marks from the first two options in the highlighted settings.

For the changes to take, you'll need to log out of CounterPoint and log back in, before trying to import the failed orders again.
To reattempt the import, find the file exactly named CPOLTOCP.err. Right click on the file to rename it back to CPOLTOCP.txt.  The file is now ready to import.

After successfully importing the orders into Counterpoint, reapply the previous Hold and Recall settings that were removed.

If this did not resolve your issue, the other thing to try to rebooting your Counterpoint server.

We'd like to know about this error. At this time, we don't have enough information to fix the issue. Please contact us at support.retailapps@ncr.com, so that we can obtain some information about your Counterpoint server.  

NOTE***Please note the other settings in the screenshot are not our recommendations for configuring your store file. If you don't understand the purpose of your settings in Counterpoint, you should always consult with your partner, before changing your store's settings.
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