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Editing Product Tags

To explain how to edit product tags, including how to approve, disable, or delete them.
  1. Select Catalog (horizontal top menu) / Tags / Pending Tags.
  2. You will see a list of tags that have not yet been approved. Each tag lets you View Products or View Customers for this tag in the Action column. View Products opens a list of all products which have been tagged with this word or phrase. View Customers opens a list of all customers who have used this tag on any product. From this page, you can check multiple tags and delete or change the status of them all simultaneously.
  3. Click on one tag to edit it. If you wish to delete the tag, use the Delete Tag button in the upper right-hand section. The other edit actions available to you are to edit the tag name, change the tag's status, or affect its base popularity (font size).
  4. To approve a tag, change the Status to "Approved," and click the Save Tag button.
  5. If a customer has entered a tag you don't want to ever see again, change the status to "Disabled" and this tag will not be stored if entered again.
  6. Save your changes.
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