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Editing Orders That Originated In Your NRO Store

When a merchant needs to edit an order in any way, there are very specific steps that must be taken to avoid the IA hitting an exception while processing the payment. Here are the rules and the steps :

If an NRO order needs to be edited in any way, the order should not be processed through Order Management. Additionally, an order should not be edited, upon release. Here are some steps for mitigating orders from not processing completely, on the NRO side.

If an order needs an edit to the tax, shipping or lines, it must be edited through Ticket Entry or Touchscreen outside of Order Management. Below are steps to mitigate orders being placed On Hold or left in a processing stated, after the completed order is published from Counterpoint to NRO.

1.In Counterpoint, open Ticket Entry or Touchscreen.

2.Click on the Process Orders menu button.

3.Select the order to be edited. Do not release the order to a ticket.

4.Click the Edit button on the Process Orders menu.

5.Make the necessary edits to the order.

a. If you have an order with multiple lines and some of the lines need to be cancelled, do not delete the line. Instead, zero out the quantity.

b. If you have an order that contains a line that needs an item substitution, do not cancel the line and add a new line. Instead, select the line and substitute the item. Be sure the item exists in NRO, even if it isn’t assigned to an ecommerce category.

c. If an edit to freight is needed and you are using Touchscreen, click the ticket functions button to find the Misc charges button. This is where you can edit tax and shipping.

d. If an edit to freight is needed and you are using Ticket entry, click the misc charges label and edit the freight.

*NOTE: If you apply a discount code to the order to zero out the freight, the IA will likely throw an exception. If possible, avoid applying a freight discount in this manner.

Because Counterpoint rounds three places and Magento rounds to four places, there will be times when exceptions occur that can’t be avoided by following the above suggested workflow.  Additionally, Magento is capable of applying line level discounts on ecommerce orders.  The ecommerce import process in Counterpoint cannot handle these line level discounts and instead the discount is passed through the order header, as opposed to the individual items.  This causes the discount to be spread across all lines on the ticket.  Again, this could cause the IA to hit an exception and place the order On Hold, upon publishing the processed order back to NRO.  When an exception in how the IA processes the payment occurs, your only option is to manually capture the invoice and complete the order on the NRO side.  These variances between the two products is why we strongly encourage all merchants to upgrade their Counterpoint system to at least, so that you may set up your ecommerce Counterpoint store to process payments through the NCR Secure Pay payment gateway.  Doing so will ensure that any order edits made on the Counterpoint side will capture accurate payment.  You will still need to follow the suggested workflow to mitigate as many import exceptions into NRO, as possible.  But, if you’re processing payments through Counterpoint, the actions performed online are purely cosmetic and not detrimental to your business.

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