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Item prices for your NRO store come directly from NCR Counterpoint and can be the same as or different from your normal brick-and-mortar store pricing.

NRO uses many of the same flexible pricing options that you have in NCR Counterpoint, including sale prices, oversize prices, quantity discounts, alternate unit pricing, etc.


  • Regular price and special price. Throughout your storefront, display both list price (e.g., MSRP or regular price) and selling price (e.g. "special price”). The list price only displays if it's greater than the special price.
  • Suppress item prices. Optionally suppress item prices until the shopper adds the item to their cart. Prices can be suppressed globally or for specific categories or items.
  • Discount all online prices. Easily discount (or mark up) all prices in your online store with a price calculation.
  • Sale prices. Use the same limited-time sale prices defined in Counterpoint, or use different sale prices in your online store.
  • Search by price. Allow shoppers to search for products based on price.
  • Sort items based on price.
  • Oversize pricing for gridded items. Optionally charge more for individual colors or sizes of a gridded item.
  • Alternate unit pricing. Sell an item by the case, by the dozen, and as a single item.
  • Discounts and promo codes. Create promotional offers in your online store and send bulk emails to your customers.
  • Non-discountable items. If there are specific items that aren't eligible for online discounts, you can mark them as non-discountable in NCR Counterpoint.

Determining Price

The standard Regular Priceand Special Price for each item come directly from Counterpoint based on your ecommerce control settings.

List (Regular) Prices and Selling (Special ) Prices

NCR CounterPoint: Setup / Ecommerce / Control

Price-1 displays as the Regular Price in your online store. The calculated selling price displays as the Special Price in your online store.

To change how NCR Counterpoint determines prices for your online store, select Setup / Ecommerce / Control.
On the Prices tab, choose the price level or price method to use for the selling prices and list prices in your online store.
The list price is typically the retail price of an item. Most merchants use Price-1 for their list prices.

The special price is the price a shopper will actually pay for an item. Most merchants use Calculated price for their special prices.

Discounting (or Marking Up) All Prices

You can optionally discount or mark up all of NCR Counterpoint's special prices or regular prices in your online store. If you select Discount or Markup for the Discount method, then enter a percentage to discount or mark up the price.

Using Calculated Prices

Calculated prices are based on pricing defined in Inventory / Prices / Item Prices and take into account price codes and sale pricing. When using Calculated price for the regular price or the special price, CounterPoint will calculate prices based on the rules defined for the Customer # on the Prices tab. Calculated price also recognizes oversized pricing, alternate unit pricing, location-specific pricing (based on the store specified on the Main tab) and current sale prices.

Calculated prices use the same sales prices in NCR CounterPoint and in your online store.

NOTE:Calculated prices are calculated based on the Customer # specified on the Prices tab, a quantity of one, and the date and time the item was published. If you specify calculated prices and there are no pricing rules defined for an item, then Price-1 is used. If you don't specify a customer number on the Prices tab, the prices will be based on the store's pricing.


TIP: Add a default customer (e.g., NRO) using Customers / Customers in NCR Counterpoint and define specific pricing rules for that customer. On the Prices tab of Setup / Ecommerce / Control, enter the default customer number and choose Calculated price for selling price and/or list price. The pricing rules defined for the default customer will be used for all the items in your online store.

Displaying Prices in your Storefront

Throughout your storefront, you can display regular and special price, only the regular price until the item is added to the cart, or no prices until item is added to the cart.

Global Price Display

NRO: System / Configuration / Sales / Minimum Advertised Price
To change the global price display based on MAP.
  • Show Minimum Advertised Price: No Prices will be displayed for MAP until the item is added to cart, customer clicks on a link (on gesture), or before the order confirmation page.

Item-Specific Price Display

NRO: Catalog / Manage Products / Item Detail [Select the Item]/ Prices / Prices / Display Actual Price

On the Prices Panel, select whether to use the global store setting or change the price display for just the selected item.

Sorting Items Based on Price

NRO: System (horizontal top menu)/ Configuration / Catalog Tab / Catalog / Frontend Panel / Product Listing Sort by

Optionally sort the items in your storefront based on price. To change the sort order for the items in a category, select Catalog Tab / Catalog / Frontend Panel / Product Listing Sort by under System / Configuration. Change the Product Listing Sort by to Price.

Sale Prices

NCR Counterpoint: Inventory / Items
Sale items in NCR Counterpoint will be indicated throughout your store with a 'Sale' flag. NRO uses the same calculated sale prices that are defined in NCR Counterpoint.

Non-Discountable Items

NCR Counterpoint: Inventory / Items

By default, all items are eligible for discounts, including promo code discounts, customer-specific discounts, quantity pricing, etc.

To prevent a particular item from receiving discounts, select Inventory / Items. On the Ecommerce tab, change the Discountable field to No. If the item is only discountable if there are no current promotional price rules that affect the item's Selling price, choose If not on sale for the discount method.


Web Based Promotions

NRO: Promotions / Catalog or Shopping Cart Price Rules

NRO's flexible discount options let you tailor your discounts and promotional offers just about any way you want, such as:

  • 10% off any order totaling $50 or more
  • A free widget with every order placed by a new customer during the month of December
  • Free shipping on all orders placed in January
  • 15% "Thanks for your business!” discount on all second orders (valid only for each customer's second order placed in your online store)
  • Free shipping for all customers whose total purchases in your online store equal $100 or more

When you combine discounts with emails, you can let all of your customers know about your special offers with the click of a mouse.

How NRO Determines Prices

  1. Selling Price: NRO uses the standard selling price. Learn more about selling prices.
  2. Final Order Price: If you allow order-level discounts in addition to quantity pricing, NRO will discount the entire order accordingly. Order-level discounts include discounts from promo codes and other customer-specific discounts. Learn more about allowing order-level discounts on page 10.
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