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Considering moving from CPOnline to NRO?


This article is designed to provide information to CPOnline merchants who are considering moving to our Magento Community Based Ecommerce platform NCR Retail Online (NRO).


What are the differences between CPOnline and NCR Retail Online (NRO)?

You can view the differences between CPO and NRO here!  View a short video about the differences here.

Are there any webinars available where I can learn more about NRO?

You can register for our weekly live webinar by vising the NCR Counterpoint User Portal then going to Training / Live Webinars.

Will my CPOnline site design transfer over to NRO?

CPOnline design and/or customization work does not transfer over to NCR Retail Online. Professional Services will have to provide a quote to re-create the desired result in NCR Retail Online. You can get a quote for that work by contacting our Design Services team.

What design options are available for NRO?

NCR Retail Online includes a flexible design theme called Celebrity which provides many options for customizing the look-and-feel of your online store. We also offer several celebrity theme skins to further change the look and feel of your site. You can check them out using the links below:

Celebrity Theme
Mainstream Skin
Hometown Skin
Evening Skin

We also provide Custom designs for NRO sites. You can check out our Design Gallery to see some of the custom designs that we have created.

Can NRO sites be made Mobile Responsive?

Yes! The default Celebrity theme is fully mobile responsive. You can find information on working with the celebrity theme to make it responsive here.

Note:  Only the default celebrity skin is currently mobile responsive, however you can contact our professional services team for a quote on making other designs or skins mobile responsive.

Will my CPOnline store remain open while I am setting up my NRO site?

Yes! You can keep your CPOnline site open while creating new content in NCR Retail Online.

Note:  One thing to note though is that you will be juggling your Ecommerce category structure between both sites. You can find information here on the best way to handle this while setting up the new site.

Will I need to make any changes to NCR Counterpoint in order to use NRO?

Nothing about the NCR Counterpoint set-up has changed so you aren’t starting from scratch. However, this is still a major product change and there are many options to consider.

How much does this cost and are there any other costs or fees associated?

NCR Retail Online pricing includes 3 factors:
  • How much space do you require: NRO offers several hosting plans that provide the space and bandwidth that you need. You can view the hosting plans here.
  • The cost of processing credit cards: NRO processes credit card payments through the NCR Secure Pay processing gateway. This gateway helps you keep transactional information safe by encrypting credit card numbers from your site to your processor of choice. You will also need merchant processing services. If you are interested in using NCR Merchant Services (RBS World Pay) you can call 1-866-599-4220 for a quote.
  • Your web address: When you register for NRO you are provided an under-construction web address of yourchoice.nrostores.com. When you are ready to go live we can transfer your SSL certificate from your CPOnline store and you can transfer your domain over to the new NRO site.

Optional, One-Time Costs:

  • Training, Design, and Marketing Services bundles called Implementation Tracks. (Highly recommended)
  • You may also want Extras or Add-ons to enhance site functionality. Popular choices are In Store Pickup & Social Commerce.

NCR Retail Online fee breakdown:

***Note: All pricing and product availability provided below is subject to change without notice. Please obtain formal quotes and visit the NRO Extras store for NRO Extension Pricing and availability.

 Month One Fees:
 Registration Fee
 $100  Waived for CPOnline Users
 Registration Hosting Plan Fee
 $75 / $200 / $500  Based on Hosting Plan
 Optional Implementation Track
 $6995  View Options
 Optional International Shipping
~ $450 (depends on requirements)
 Start a quote here
 Optional Extras Store Extensions
 $711  Visit Extras Store
 Grand Total
 Month Two Fees (still setting up store)
 Hosting Plan Fee
 $75 / $200 / $500  Based on Hosting Plan
 Once you are live monthly fees

 Hosting Plan Fee
 $75 / $200 / $500  Based on Hosting Plan
 Transaction Fee
 2% / 1.5% / 1%  Based on Hosting Plan
 Credit Card Charges
   Consult NCR or your local bank
 Yearly Fees
 SSL Certificate Renewal
$200 (1 yr)/$350 (2 yr)/$500 (3 yr)
 Extras Store Extensions
$???  Based on installed Extras

Is technical support available?

Once you have registered, support is available directly through NCR Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time via phone, email, or chat.

Any other additional information I should know?

A la Carte design, customization, or coding work is $150/hour. You can bundle training with desired work for a flat cost using the Implementation tracks.

Tips and tricks?

Need some tips? Check out the NRO Professional Services Blog on the NRO Extras Store

Want to stay up to date on when new features are released for NRO? Sign up for the NRO Newsletter!

Let's go ahead and get you registered!

  • Step 1: Register online
  • Step 2: Authorize an Implementation Track (at the bottom of the page). This time you will only sign paperwork because NCR will use the same credit card you provided during site registration for this charge. Make sure your credit card will allow this amount.
  • Step 3: Order any Extras. These are optional extensions to add functionality and design elements to your site. Shop, and pay on this site and NCR will deliver the extension in your site! Popular choices are In-Store Pick-Up and Social (Media) Commerce Bundle. You can add these at any time.
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