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Canadian Merchants and Shipping Setup in NRO

Overview: This article discusses how shipping should be handled in NRO for Canadian provinces.


Configuring Shipping for Canadian Merchants

While most Canadian merchants use the Matrix Rates option to configure their shipping rates via a table lookup, NRO does offer third-party shipping rates through some of the major carriers. The Counterpoint ecommerce import process does not support international shipping, but there is a work around through the use of a small customization.  If you are interested in using third-party international rates, please contact our support team to begin a Professional Services request. Please send an email to support.retailapps@ncr.com explaining your shipping requirements, and they will get you in contact with the Professional Services team to discuss your individual needs as well as feasibility.

For assistance with configuring Matrix Rates, please on this link to view our help article. 
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