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Blocking IP addresses for suspicious activity


If orders are coming from a specific IP address and there are concerns that the activity could be fraudulent then the IP address can be blocked from the site.


If you suspect that fraudulent orders are coming from a specific IP address you can contact support and request that the IP address be blocked. IP addresses can move or change however and you may end up blocking good orders out of precaution.

We now offer Signifyd for NRO to help reduce fraudulent activity on your site. Signifyd for NRO analyzes and scores each order so you can make more informed decisions. Plus, you'll increase sales by accepting domestic and international transactions that you might normally decline. Learn more about this extension on the NRO Extras Store.

For more information on how to minimize credit card fraud on your site, please check out the 31 ways to minimize credit card fraud article on our knowledge base.
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