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Benefits of processing NCR Secure Pay payments through NCR Counterpoint


What are the benefits of processing NCR Secure Pay payments through NCR Counterpoint?


Note: Payments can only be processed through NCR Counterpoint if running version or greater.

NCR Secure Pay payments can be processed through either NRO or through NCR Counterpoint based on settings under System / Configuration / Sales / Payment Methods / NCR Secure Pay / Where should payments be captured?

The benefits of processing through NCR Counterpoint are:
  • Immediately capture additional funds if the price of the order increases.
  • Be alerted to unavailable funds on a customer's credit card before the order is shipped.
    • When processing through NCR Counterpoint, additional funds will be captured when the order is released and shipped. If there are not enough funds, a message will be given and the order will not be shipped. When processing through NRO, this information won't be available until after the order has been processed and published back up to NRO.
  • Edit orders and add discounts without fear of the Integration Agent throwing an exception due to different totals between the NRO site and the Integration Agent.
  • No more Cash paycode transactions for imported orders!
    • When using NCR Secure Pay, the Ecommerce Control can be defined to pull in credit cards by the card issuer (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc.), making reconciling payments against bank statements much easier.
  • No more $0 orders!
    • When payments are imported into NCR Counterpoint as Cash when processing through NRO, the order has to come in with a $0 deposit. When processing through NCR Counterpoint, the order comes in with the full deposit on the order and is marked as Final Payment.

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