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Working with Category Screen in NRO

NRO: Category / Manage Categories

The general information tab defines your category. Information such as Name, URL Key, and Image will be uploaded from NCR Counterpoint and should not be changed in NRO. Is Active will allow you to disable a category so it is not visible on the web.

Meta Keywords and Descriptions will help search engines to find your category pages. Meta Keywords and Descriptions will not be uploaded from NCR Counterpoint and will need to be added to all categories and subcategories in NRO.

TIP:Include SEO target keywords and phrases in your meta information to facilitate organic search engine optimization.


Display Settings tab

The display tab allows you to adjust the visual settings of your category. Display mode gives you options like display only products, displaying products and a static block, or just a static block.
CMS blocks can be displayed on your category page. All available static blocks will be displayed in the list.

TIP:Not all static blocks may be available for display on your category pages. This can depend on your settings inside the category as well as where the CMS block is set to display.

The "Is Anchor" setting allows you to use the category as a settings anchor for its subcategories. Configure the category how you want, then choose "Is Anchor." For all subcategories underneath the category, choose "Use Parent Category" and the subcategories will inherit the settings of the category to which they are assigned.

Custom Design tab

The Custom Design tab allows you to make appearance changes to a specific category or subcategory. You can specify whether the category should always reflect the custom design or indicate a date for the custom design to revert back to the non-customized design. This is a nice setting for the holidays!


The NCR Counterpoint Information tab displays the category number assigned to the category by Counterpoint.

Category Products tab

This tab displays the items that are currently assigned to the selected category.


WARNING: Changes made here will be overwritten by the next Counterpoint publish.

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