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Adding Item Images


This article will discuss how to add basic item images to your NRO site.  Populating your NRO store with high-quality product images can make a big difference in whether shoppers purchase items from you or from someone else.


When working with item images and couple of things to note are:
  • Concentrate on the largest image that you are uploading for products or categories.  The system will automatically generate the small images and thumbnails for you.
  • Images should be 72 dpi which is standard for web publishing
  • Item Images only must be in JPG format.  Other images such as banners can be other formats (PNG, GIF, etc.)
  • Keep images under ~100KB
  • Recommended size - 360w x 434h (larger if using image zooms)

Images are uploaded to the NRO site via the NRO Integration Agent.  It monitors the folder that is specified in the NROConnectionConfig utility for Catalog Images.  This is typically the ItemImages directory in your NCR Counterpoint installation.  This folder is typically located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Radiant Systems\Counterpoint\CPSQL.1\TopLevel\<CompanyName>\Configuration\ItemImages.

When naming the images, they must be named the Item Number (or SKU) of the item.  For instance, item number 1234 would have an image named 1234.jpg. 

Note: Special characters and spaces in Item Numbers should be omitted from the Image name.  For example *3456.jpg would be named 3456.jpg

Once the image is placed in this directory and a full or add/replace publish is performed the images will be zipped up and uploaded to the site.  The Integration Agent will then assign the images to the products based on the SKU of the item.

For alternate view images such as front and back views of images, the image should be named ItemNumber^Front.jpg or ItemNumber^Back.jpg.  More information about Alternate Item Images and Alternate View Images can be found by reviewing this article.

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