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Adding additional scripts to NRO


To explain how to setup additional scripts for NRO that do not require order-specific information.
NRO (Magento) already supports ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics, but does not provide anything similar to the "Order Scripts.” Other than Google Analytics, any scripts that require order-specific information currently require Professional Services to implement. This option is available now using built-in features, feasible only for scripts that do not require any dynamic (order-specific) information:
  • · No Professional Services required
  • · Viable only for scripts that do not require order-specific information (e.g. order number, order total, specific product info, etc.)
1) Create a Static Block to hold your order conversion scripts (i.e., scripts that should run after an order has been placed):

2) Create a Widget that adds the static block you created in step #1 to One Page Checkout Success and Multishipping Checkout Success pages:


3) Be sure to refresh your cache (Layouts and Block HTML Output) after saving the new widget, under System / Cache Management.

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