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Adding a Gift Wrapping Widget or Any Other Widget On Your Checkout Page


This article details how merchants can offer gift wrapping to their customers.

While this is not directly supported by NRO, there is a workaround. First you will create non-inventory items for each type of gift wrapping you would like to offer. This can be done on either the NRO side through Catalog / Manage Products, or on the CounterPoint side, through Inventory / Items. Then you will set them to display as featured items on the checkout page.

In Counterpoint
  1. Create non-inventory item entries or non-inventory gridded items for each type of gift wrapping you would like to offer. Assign the item to an ecommerce category.
  2. Go to Ecommerce / Publish and publish those items with an Activity setting of Add/replace.
  3. Wait for the integration agent to pull the new file into NRO. Every 15 minutes.
In the NRO Admin Panel
  1. Go to  CMS (top most menu) > Static Block.
  2. Select the Add New Block button.
  3. Give your new block a Block Title, Identifier, and leave Status set to Enabled.
  4. Design your static block however you want. Be sure and add a hyperlink to the item page in your text or behinf one of your images and save your changes.
  5. Now move to CMS (top most menu) > Widgets and Add New Widget Instance.
  6. Select a widget type. For this example we will use CMS Static block.

  7. Then select a Design Package Theme. We will be selecting default/celebrity.
  8. Seelct Continue.
  9. In Frontend Properties give your widget a Widget Instance Title.
  10. Click Layout Updates.
  11. To make this widget show up on the checkout screen, choose Specified Page.
  12. Select your Block Reference. For this example we will use Right Column.
  13. Seelct Widget Options on the left hand side and click the Select Block... button.
  14. Select the block that you just created and Save you changes.
  15. Now in your Storefront, place a mock order and look at your Checkout Page.

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